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== == Yes, it's genetic. Some people have 'hammer toes', some have the right length of toes, but most of us don't have perfect toes. == == == == The four smaller toes have the same number of bones, and should be the same length. This is not a genetic disorder, it's healthy. The gentle curve along the tips of your toes is caused by the curved surface made by the cube shaped bones (closer to your heels) where the bones in your toes meet your foot, not by the actual length of each toe.

Search for foot xrays in first world countries and you will see feet where each toe is much smaller than the next. Search in countries where going barefoot is common and the four little toes will be all the same length. It's the shoes. At 10 weeks old our feet are cartilage and being under stress as they become bones will change how your feet look for life.

Feet need enough room to make a strong pyramid with a triangular base. Your heels and closest big toe joint and closest pinky toe joint are the corners of your pyramids.

Shoes that are too small can bend your big toe sideways so the pyramid falls over

and you end up walking on your arches and flattening your foot out so it hurts.

Shoes that are too small can make your little toes bend permanently at one of the joints

so that your toes are stiff instead of supple so walking feels like fingertip push-ups.

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