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== == == == Multi-unit load calculation Use NEC Annex D.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




2009-07-20 14:50:14
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What references should you require from a landlord to ensure that he is a good landlord when renting an apartment?

You can usually tell by the upkeep of the apartment building. As far as your landlord's character try talking to some of the other tenants.

Can you buy an apartment?

Apartments are typically leased or rented by the month. You may be able to buy an apartment building or complex of apartments however as a landlord.

If a landlord bugs my apartment is that an invasion of my privacy?

if a landlord bugs my apartment, is that an invasion of privacy?

Who do you make the payment when you rent an apartment?

The landlord, or the owner of the building in witch you rented in! Hope I helped! -Gabby

What can we do to prevent soap clumping in septic We have two septic tanks at an apartment building. one is for the toilets and the other is for washing machine sink etc?

If you live in an apartment building, the proper functioning of the sewage systems is the responsibility of the landlord. Report the problem to the landlord and let him/her sort it out, that is what you pay your rent for!

Who is responsible for an apartment building pipe that goes from the top floor to the bottom along the outside of the building and causes flood damage to the 4th and bottom floor?

The Landlord

Can a landlord of a pet friendly apartment after four years of tenancy ask you for a pet deposit but not others who have pets in the building?

Yes, they can.

How can you find out if an apartment is rented?

Visit the apartment or contact the landlord.

Does a landlord responsible to exterminate an apartment?

if a tenant in a rental apartment encounters a bug infestation in the apartment does the landlord or is the landlord responsible for exterminating the apartment and or are they responsible to replace any kind of furniture or carpeting that needs to be thrown away due to the bug infestation?

Who is responsible for carpeting apartment floors- the tenant or the landlord?

The landlord

What is the possessive form of the landlord and the tenant?

The possessive forms are landlord's and tenant's; for example:The tenant's apartment is the best one in the landlord's building.

Who owns a renter-occupied apartment?

The landlord owns the apartment.

Is cable television harder to set up in an apartment than a house?

It all depends on the landlord. The process of installation is basically the same, but it all comes down to whether or not your landlord wants holes drilled into his building. Now most apartments already have a cable terminal that routes the cable directly to each apartment with separate ports allowing the cable companies to bill each apartment accordingly. You simply need to talk it over with your landlord and find out what the cable options are for that building.

If you live in an apartment that has been bombed for roaches how long should you stay out of the building?

It will depend on what was used to treat the roaches. You should ask your landlord or the person or company who treated the building.

Can my landlord kick me out of my apartment anytime he wants?

If you have a lease your landlord would have to take you to court to have you kicked out of the apartment. If you are a month to month tenant then the landlord can request that you vacate with 30 days notice.

Does a landlord have to remove a bat from a apartment?


Who owns a renter occupied apartment?

A Landlord

How often does the landlord need to paint a apartment?

This may vary depending on your jurisdiction. Generally the landlord has no obligation to paint an apartment, unless it is otherwise in your contract.

How do you use the word evicting in a sentence?

The landlord did not like evicting tenants.Evicting the tenant, the landlord discovered a lot of damage.

Is the tenant or landlord responsible for damages in an apartment fire?

From an insurance perspective the landlord should have coverage on the building and the tenant should have coverage on his/her contents. Legal liability may be a different issue depending on the circumstances of the fire.

Apartment Maintenance Responsibilities?

Protect your rights as a landlord or renter: use a rental or lease agreement to outline renter and landlord responsibilities for apartment maintenance.Click here to fill out the Apartment Maintenance Responsibilitiesform

Is a landlord responsible for exterminating the apartment?

Generally, if it's an attached apartment setting then the landlord is responsible for extermination. In a single-family setting or a duplex, it is the tenants responsibility.

How do you get your security deposit back after moving out of an apartment?

If there is no damage to the apartment then the Manager must give you back your security deposit. If he hasn't then see a lawyer or go to the Landlord/Tenants building and complain. Good luck Marcy

What information do landlords have to verify before renting out an apartment?

What a landlord verifies is completely up to the landlord

How do you turn on electricity in an apartment?

Ask the Landlord. The apartment may be fed from a separate meter or an electric panel outside the apartment.