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Answered 2006-04-19 12:33:00 has a really good web site with repair information for a lot of different vehicles. I subscribe to an AllData web site for my 1992 Metro but Autozone has even more info that is of real use that the site I'm paying for! It doesn't cover all US vehicles, but they cover most of the popular models.

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There are many websites that offer vehicles and information about vehicles online. The most popular of these are,, and (kelly blue book).

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Commercial Vehicles: Why Scheduled Maintenance Makes a Difference?

It might seem to be a tremendous expense to keep up with scheduled maintenance on a fleet of commercial vehicles, but in the long run, adhering to a regular maintenance schedule will prolong the life of the vehicles in the fleet and ensure that the drivers will be safe as they travel during the course of business. There are a number of ways that regular maintenance on fleet vehicles can save a business time and money; read on to learn more about the importance of regularly scheduled maintenance.A vehicle that won't run is a vehicle that cannot be used to make money. If a business is unwilling to commit to such basic repairs as oil changes and other basic routine services, this is a business that is willing to risk its livelihood to save a little cash. With the advent of fleet maintenance software, there is really no reason that a responsible organization cannot keep track of when each of the fleet vehicles is due for tire rotation or a radiator flush. If the business in question is small, it's even possible to find fleet software online at no cost to the company.A larger fleet can, in many cases, receive a discount for service if the work on all of the vehicles is done at a particular repair shop. The relatively minimal cost that goes along with maintaining fleet vehicles is decidedly preferable to replacing vehicles when they are worn down before their time or when an accident occurs due to an untended mechanical issue. Indeed, if such an accident were to happen, the company could be liable for any injuries that should occur due to their perceived negligence of their vehicles. While this is a worst-case scenario, it's still a consideration when a business is deciding whether or not to implement regularly scheduled maintenance.To ensure that business is carried out in a safe and reliable fashion, all commercial vehicles should be subject to routine scheduled maintenance. A simple software program can aid in keeping track of what vehicle needs to be serviced and when, and the maintenance will pay off in the long run, as major repairs will be fewer and farther between on a well-maintained vehicle.

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a site where you can browse different kind of cars and the purchase them online with a credit car

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Blue book online.

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yes tanks

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Garage door repairs and or maintenance service can be found online using your local business directory, or alternately through an online business directory for your specific location.

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