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you could get some type of bone or antlers and shave them to the shape you want.

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What are the ingredients in hairspray?

This doesnt give me answers! I need answers for a science project..so answer please!Please!MY NAME IS DARBY!

How long should you chew a bubble gum for science project?

In thill you feel its mosty or when ever you want it doesnt matter really.Its not like they going to touch it... lox

What is Nicaragua's state animal?

Nicaragua doesnt have a state animal.

Do animal and plant cells both contain ribosomes?

yes they do the only difference that i know from my science class is that the plant cell has a cell wall and the other one doesnt

Can Listerine pocket mist affect a breathalyzer?

no it cant i tried this for my science fair project i called a scientist for his opion he sent me a kit to elp find my conclusion and it turned out that it doesnt affect a breathalyzer

Is a centipede a vertebrate animal?

No its not it doesnt have a spine.

DNA test came out negative is the science can be wrong?

science doesnt lie it just states the facts.

Does hard core music make plants grow bigger?

no it doesnt make a difference whether you do hard core or none the best one is pop i know because i did a 5th grade science fair project on that.

Why doesnt ichigo from bleach become a captain?

because he's ichigo... he is just a substitute soul reaper.

Does the queen own an animal?

She owns the world doesnt she

Fractional distillation of air?

no such thing , science doesnt exist, its all a myth , dont listen to your science teacher!!

Does science has both negative and positive?

your question doesnt make sense

What animal is the national animal of Switzerland?

Switzerland doesnt really have a national animal but are well known for their cows hope this helps xxx

What animal lives in the woddlands?

first of all, its woodlands. and any animal that obviously doesnt live in water.

Why is animal extinction bad?

because the predator that eats that animal doesnt have enough to eat then they go extinct. and the animal that ate that animal goes extinct and so on

Changes shape but doesnt change volume?

the answer is liquid... as my science teacher says.

Whow coold it is or hot on jupitercom?

Science shows it doesnt have a temperature idiot

How does kool-aid effect the growth of a plant?

I actually did a science fair project on the effects of kool-aid on a plant and as you would expect, the plant dies. But it doesnt immediately kill off the plant, it just sort of starts to sag

Which animal doesn't no to swim?

a hamster doesnt that all i know soz

Is Fungi a invetebrate?

No because it is not really in animal and it doesnt really move

On Animal Crossing Wild world how do you make your stuff do things in your house?

you stand next to it and press A, if that doesnt work, it doesnt do anything

Is there a certain place where an animal goes to die?

No it doesnt go eny where when an animal dies its just going where it has energy to but usaully an animal dies where ever

What does science say about Heaven and Hell?

it does and it doesnt exist can prove and cant not prove so there you have it

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