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Is there a great website for custom action replay codes besides codejunkies or supercheats?

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2010-03-28 04:10:45
2010-03-28 04:10:45

Ignore the old answer it was just spam for clone websites, but I do have a suggestion is really good <-- Didn't seem to have much when I checked.

What you want is a place that creates their own custom codes, instead of copying codes from others. These are very unique codes and do great things, you'll want to read into it more though because, if your not careful, these codes can modify your game in such a way that your save game file would need to be reset.


and my personal favorite

Hope that helps!

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The best sites to get AR codes are: Codejunkies Neoseeker Supercheats

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theres codejunkies ;pokemon trainer .atwiki ;game cheatah ;topix theres codejunkies ;pokemon trainer .atwiki ;game cheatah ;topix

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codejunkies or super. pick supercheats!

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I cannot list all of them on this single answer, but you may want to check into websites like Codejunkies, Neoseeker, Supercheats, and sometimes, YouTube has great videos for certain codes. Those I highly recommend.

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ebay,amazon or codejunkies

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