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Ignore the old answer it was just spam for clone websites, but I do have a suggestion is really good <-- Didn't seem to have much when I checked.

What you want is a place that creates their own custom codes, instead of copying codes from others. These are very unique codes and do great things, you'll want to read into it more though because, if your not careful, these codes can modify your game in such a way that your save game file would need to be reset.


and my personal favorite

Hope that helps!

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Q: Is there a great website for custom action replay codes besides codejunkies or supercheats?
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What is the best website to get action replay codes for Pokemon pearl?

The best sites to get AR codes

Where is the best place besides supercheats to find action replay cheats for Pokemon pearl?

theres codejunkies ;pokemon trainer .atwiki ;game cheatah ;topix theres codejunkies ;pokemon trainer .atwiki ;game cheatah ;topix

Where can you find action reply v 5.8 cheats for Pokemon Fire Red?

codejunkies or super. pick supercheats!

Where can you download Action Replay Code Manager -ARCM- for Nintendo DS?

You can download Action Replay software from the CodeJunkies website.

All Pokemon dp action replay codes?

I cannot list all of them on this single answer, but you may want to check into websites like Codejunkies, Neoseeker, Supercheats, and sometimes, YouTube has great videos for certain codes. Those I highly recommend.

Where to buy gamecube action replay?

ebay,amazon or codejunkies

What is the website for the action replay codes?

There are many good websites with Action Replay Codes. The main website (related to the company that made it) is called Codejunkies. There are other good ones though, like Neoseeker and WARC * Website Links can be found in the "Related links" column

Is there a code to get into the reverse world in diamond?

Not that i know of. i have Action Replay and i visit the codejunkies website all the time. so far i have done research and i can not find ANYTHING.

How do you find a shiny noctowl easly?

Get a action replay and and go to codejunkies

Where can you get action replays for GameCube?

eBay,Amazon,maybe Yukon,and Codejunkies

How do you use the codes on codejunkies for Pokemon platinum?

Action replay cartridge

What is action replay dsi game list?

Answer: Go to CodeJunkies and their you go

How do you download the Pokemon platinum package on the action replay?

Go to supercheats and put it in manually

What is the action replay code for the aurora ticket on Pokemon sapphire?

check neoseeker or supercheats

After you put the id for Pokemon diamond it went blue and red what doesthat mean?

It means you need to reset the action replay. I forgot how i did it but you can look up how on the codejunkies website.

Where can you find Action replay DS European subscription sites?

Google codejunkies

How do you get Pokemon mystery dungeon explores of sky id on action replay?


Is there any fossil fighters action replay for codejunkies?

Yes but i cant find them

Wild Pokemon modifier action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

Type "Codejunkies" in google, that's the website you need. you can almost find codes for every DS game.

Are there any action replay codes for Kirby super star ultra?

go to supercheats it may have some

How do you get an Azure Flute?

Toys R Us event or action replay(get code at codejunkies)

Are there any Pokemon HeartGold action replay codes?

There now is for and for For youtube if you have a US action replay then just type in, 'pokemon heartgold action replay US codes' and if you're using supercheats just type inside the search box, 'pokemon heartgold' and somewhere on the bottom of the screen it says, 'Action replay codes'You may even find some in the Neoseekers website.You can get codes from supercheats, neoseeker, youtube, (recomended) and you can also make your own codes with pokesav. Click on the links on the bottom.

How do you add codes for action replay through code junkies?

Write the code you want of codejunkies and write it in your action replay then it will work

Action replay code for Pokemon Ranger?

Go on CodeJunkies it will tell u all the codes for it there are.

Does action replay work for all games?

Yes, the Action Replay should work for all games. Some games, however, have little to no codes. You would have to wait for an update from Codejunkies, or you could create your own codes by using the "Trainer's Toolkit", which can be bought on Codejunkies.