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Q: Is there a greater chance of acquiring Serotonin Syndrome from Prozac if you have Asperger's Syndrome?
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Do women who use drugs before and during pregnancy have a greater chance of having babies with Asperger's Syndrome?

Aspergers syndrome and autism are passed genetically, so drugs do not affect it

Should Aspergers syndrome be treated as a mental illness?

There isn't a common agreement about that, some people think it is a mental ilness, some think it's not, I personally have Asperger's syndrome and I disagree that it should be, purely because I think that Asperger's people are equal(If not greater) to everyone else

Is asperger's syndrome serious?

Well, it does exsist. However, it's not really anything totally devistating. How do I know this? I have aspergers. Basically, a person with aspergers will form completely normally, it's just the social parts of their brain are a bit unusual. All that means is they'll be socially unique :) Although some people may not like them for it, children with aspergers tend to have a higher IQ and a greater enthusiasm for life than people without aspergers. Oh, and one more thing- us aspergers kids are a bit obsessive about some of the things we like :) but NO, aspergers is not something serious. I don't think it needs medication either... they put me on medication for it once. I didn't like it at all. If you're asking this about a child, and one day some crazy psychiatrist tells you to put them on some kind of pills DON'T do that. The pills only messed me up, I can't see how it would be much different for anyone else with the same condition.

How many in the us are diagnosed with asperger syndrome?

Hard to say collectively. Recently I read that in the US 1 out of 86 children will be autistic. Aspergers is debated wether it is truly autism or PPD. Anyhow I read that 1 person out of 10,000 may have. If not the number is likely greater due to poor studies.

What are bone fissures?

greater trochanteric pain syndrome

What are the demographics of Bassen-Kornzweig syndrome?

Males are affected with Bassen-Kornzweig syndrome with greater frequency (70%) than girls, which is uncharacteristic in most autosomal recessive conditions.

What is central cord syndrome?

Central cord syndrome is an "incomplete lesion," a condition in which only part of the spinal cord is affected. In central cord syndrome, there is greater weakness or outright paralysis of the upper extremities, as compared with the lower extremities.

If the first child has a mild form of Asperger's Syndrome will the second child have it too?

It is very likely the 2nd will have aspergers or be autistic to a more severe degree than aspergers on a personal note on the subject my brothers 1st has aspergers and his 2nd is 7months old and we've found out she is so far on the autism spectrum it is trets or rhetts but to be fair my brother has mild aspergers himself so you know, its all in genetics some say, others disagree. There is a genetic component to autism spectrum disorders. The chance of having a second child with autism or Asperger's Syndrome is greater than the usual chance of having a child with an autism spectrum disorder. However, it is more likely that the second child will not have an autism spectrum disorder than that the child will have one. If the next child does have it, it could be a milder or more severe case than that of the first child. According to one study, if one child in the family has autism, the chance that another will also have autism is 10%. In that study, the chance that an identical twin has autism when the other does is 82%. Other studies give results ranging from a 5% chance of a second child with autism to a 15% chance. However, if there are two children in the family who have autism, the chance of a third child with autism increases greatly to about 30%. (One study indicates that the chance of a third child with autism is 50% if the child is male.)

If your sister has Rheumatoid Arthritis is your chance greater?

Yes one of the factor in acquiring RA is hereditary However it is 3 times more likely in women than in men.

What can put a woman at greater risk for toxic shock syndrome TSS?

Chances of toxic shock syndrome can be increased by using vaginal devices such as diaphragms, super-absorbent tampons, or prolonged use of a single tampon.

What are common external signs of Marfan syndrome?

The most common external signs associated with Marfan syndrome include excessively long arms and legs, with the patient's arm span being greater than his or her height.

How does poverty affect crime?

the greater the poverty the greater the crime rate.since more people will not meet their vital daily needs they will look for other methods of earning or acquiring things they require e.g food.thus some may turn to crime as it does not require much skill comparatively.

Can you get HIV AIDS through kissing?

The risk of acquiring HIV infection through kissing is very small. However, people who are not receiving proper therapy can become infected with the virus and transmit it to others. The risk of acquiring a herpes virus infection through kissing is much greater and herpes virus infection is not as harmless as was once believed.

Will a female with Tourette Syndrome pass it down to her children in every case or is there a possibility that she won't?

There is about a 50/50 chance that a child will be born with Tourette Syndrome unless if the mother and the father have it there is a greater risk but not 100 percent in most cases

Are Jewish people more likely to have aspergers syndrome?

Religion itself does not affect ones chances of developing mental or physical conditions. However, there is also an ethnic component to being Jewish. Because people of an ethnic group are more likely to marry others who share their ethnicity, they would have greater chances of sharing the same genes for certain illnesses. That explains why Jewish persons (as well as Cajuns and southeastern Canadians) are more likely to have children with Tay-Sachs Disease.There is no evidence that ethnic Jews are more likely to have Asperger's Syndrome.One factor in Aspergers and autism seem to be low vitamin D levels prenatally and during infancy. There are genetic variations in the vitamin D receptors, meaning that some people need much more. To help explain differences by gender, females seem to have a slight less need for vitamin D. So add all these factors together, and it would seem that males of African descent, born with the variant vitamin D genes living in a place like Russia or Canada born to vitamin D deficient mothers who breastfeed would have a much greater chance of developing autism and related disorders than others.

What is considered the normal range for neural tube measurement in a fetus?

if measurement of neural tube is greater than 2.5mm indicates down syndrome

How common is juvenile arthritis in Turner syndrome?

Juvenile arthritis, an autoimmune condition, has been recently (1998) associated with Turner syndrome. The prevalence seems to be at least six times greater than would be expected if the two conditions were only randomly associated

What part of the body does William syndrome affect?

Parts of the heart are affected, there is a greater risk of hypercalcemia and hypertension. There will also be some visual symptoms too, such as widely spaced teeth and a flatish nose. Dental abnormalities are very common in patients suffering from Williams Syndrome.

How is piriformis syndrome caused?

The condition is caused by the irritation or compression of the proximal sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle, which connects the sciatic notch with the greater trochanter of the femur

Does paroxetine affect sexual function?

As an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), paroxetine, or Paxil, has a wide occurrence of sexual side effects. These can include erectile dysfunction and abnormal ejaculation. These side effects were much greater in occurrence than placebo in clinical trials.

What are facts about Edward's syndrome?

Edwards' syndrome is associated with a broad spectrum of abnormalities which consist of greater than one-hundred and thirty discrete defects involving the brain, heart, craniofacial structures, kidneys and stomach. Approximately five to ten-percent of children with Edward's syndrome survive beyond their first year of life, requiring treatments that are appropriate for the various and chronic effects that are associated with the syndrome. Children with Edward's syndrome usually experience issues with feeding that are related to problems with breathing, sucking and swallowing. Citation: Disabled World News (2010-02-14) - Edwards syndrome is an inherited genetic disorder where a portion of chromosome 18 is duplicated: See link below

Is the blood test that shows a high trace of Down syndrome a test they do on everyone now?

No, it isn't. There's a 1/300 chance of having a spontaneous miscarriage after the test, so doctors only prescribe it when the mother has a greater than 1/300 chance of having a baby with Down syndrome (if she's older, or if she herself has a translocation).

If your father and brother both had Asperger's Syndrome does this mean any children you have will be born with it?

No, it does not mean that all of your children will be born with autism or Asperger's Syndrome. However, because the condition has a genetic component, it means that there is a greater likelihood that you have that gene, in which case you might pass it on to some of your children. You can get tested for the gene if you want so you know if there's a possibility of passing it on to your children

What is known about Asperger's Syndrome that pertains to America?

The incidence of autism and Asperger's Syndrome seems to be greater than average in California's Silicon Bay area; Redmond, Washington (the location of Microsoft's headquarters); and Cambridge, Massachusetts (the location of MIT) - places with the highest populations of computer programmers and engineers. These are people who may have AS but remain undiagnosed because they found a niche where they can function in society.

What is the prognosis for Asperger's syndrome?

These children are likely to grow up to be functional independent adults, but will always have problems with social relationships. They are also at greater risk for developing serious mental illness than the general population.