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Is there a gt saga in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi?


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dont think so but there all of the gt sagas in dragonballz budokai tenkaichi 2

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complete the saga of the 'wrath of the dragon'

you have to keep playing and then when get to the cell saga and when you beat it you unlock it

yes of course just finish the manjin buu saga

Saiyan saga, Frieza saga, Android saga, Majin Buu saga, Special saga, Dragonball GT saga, Dragonball saga, The what if saga.

EASY! just go to majin boo saga and go on training with Goten . That is, if u have a ps2.

the saiyan saga when raditz vegeta and nappa come to Earth,frieza saga during the heroes quest to find the Namekian dragon balls,android saga when Trunks warns the Z fighters about the androids, buu saga featured on buu, special saga is all the movies, dragon ball saga are the big dragon ball fights, dragon ball gt saga i obvious and the what if saga based on fights that no one knows about that took place.

It is very simple just beat Gohan in the beginning of Majjin Buu Saga with Goten if you don't believe me just go to and type in Tenkaichi 2 Cheats

easy. u finish the majin buu or the special saga

In the majin buu saga, go to the mission in which you play as majin buu, and go to the mountain road. There, you will fight yamcha, and he will wager 1,000,000 zeni on the battle.

the best way is to go to dragon history go to special saga do dangerous duo the ultimate warrior dosent sleep smash though the rocks until you find a dragon ball then defeat broly. hope it helps

-Saiyan Saga -Frieza Saga -Bardock Saga -Cell Saga -Garlic Jr. Saga -Lord Slug Saga -Legendary Super Saiyan Saga -Android #13 Saga -Cooler Saga -Revenge of Cooler Saga -Majinn Buu Saga -Turles Saga -Bojack Saga -Baby Saga -Super #17 Saga -Dark Dragons Saga -Android Saga

in the z battle gate go to manjin buu saga and play gotenks ss3 vs super buu. break the ball will fall .collect it and win the match with charging ultra buu buu volley ball. do it seven times the same things.

find all the 7 dragon balls in a saga the there will be a place on your map that says shenron

you get it in the frieza saga before goku turns ssj

You get destined Rivals when you beat Gohan with Goten in the Majin Buu Saga. This saga is also the last saga.

13 seasons in dragon ball (Original), 6 seasons in dragon ball k (Kai) 18 seasons in dragon ball z (Z-Warriors), 4 seasons in dragon ball gt (Grand Tour) and 22 seasons in dragon ball AF (After Future). Here are entire dragon ball series saga: DRAGON BALL: Emperor Pilaf Saga First World Martial Arts Championship Saga Red Ribbon Army Saga Muccle Tower Saga Sub Misson Saga General Blue Saga Commander Red Saga Fortune Teller Baba Saga Tienshinhan Saga King Piccolo Super Raditz Saga Ultumate Battle Saga Piccolo Jr. Saga DRAGON BALL K: Sinor Vegeta Saga Evil Vegeta Saga Prince Vegeta Saga Tenkaichi Saga Ultamate Final Battle Saga Peaceful World Saga DRAGON BALL Z: Saiyan Saga Namek Saga Captain Ginyu Saga Frieza Saga Garlic Jr. Saga Trunks Saga Super Saiyan Saga Android Saga Imperfect Cell Saga Perfect Cell Saga Cell Games Saga Great Saiyanman Saga World Tournament Saga Babidi Saga Majin Buu Saga Fusion Saga Kid Buu Saga The New Begaining Saga DRAGON BALL GT: Black Star Dragonball Saga Baby Saga Super 17 Saga Shadow Dragon Saga Hero's legasy Saga DRAGON BALL AF: Xicor saga Super Goku saga Battle saga Great Saiyan saga Mystic dragonball saga Ultimate saga Buuza saga Kidnapped saga Mystic saga Budokai saga Broby saga Amazon saga Earth saga Vegeta saga Super Broly Saga Black dragon saga Fury saga Universal Saga Karo Saga Black-Star Resurrection Saga Final Battle Saga The Final Blast Saga The End Of The Battle Saga

Go to "Future Peace" in the Android Saga in "Dragon History." Do dragon dashes through the buildings until you see a dragonball appear inbetween the health bars. Then, beat the level and do it again to get more dragonballs. You won't get the dragonball if you exit the level before beating Cell.

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