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upload your photo to You can experiment with all kinds of hairstyles (realistic and free) without the commitment. that way you can see for yourself what flatters your "big head" and then print out the style and show to your hairdresser.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-25 21:28:39
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Q: Is there a hairstyle that will make your big head look smaller?
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Can gaining weight make your head look bigger?

No, maybe rounder. But gaining weight -typically- would make one's head look smaller, due to the increased body volume in comparison to the head.

How do you make Narutos hairstyle?

Just make spikes with some hair gel all around your head

What type of hair style make my LONGnose shorter?

hairstyle cannot make your nose look shorter

Is wet and wavy a good hairstyle for a seventh grader?

Wet and wavy is a good hairstyle for a seventh grader if that's how they want to wear their hair. A wet look can also make hair look greasy.

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One cannot make a replica hairstyle of his

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I think there is a procedure where a plastic surgeon can make the lobe smaller. I don't think it involves attaching them to the back of your head. If you think about it that wouldn't work.

What is the meaning of Punjabi word gut?

A long rope like things which female make from their hair on their head. Type of a hairstyle.

Which paint colours to make a room look smaller?

Darker tints will make a room smaller.

Can plastic surgery make your head smaller?

Not Sure

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smaller tiles would make it look bigger

Can you make your own Hairstyle in the Sims 3?

no, you can't make you own hairstyle but you can pick the one you want and then change the colour.

How do you make your head smaller?

Other then surgery, I know no way of making your head smaller. Certain hair styles can help make your face look smaller. Search "hairstyles for my face shape" for more information.More inputThere is no conclusive evdence to suggest you can make your head smallerMore inputDavid Quinn from Rayleigh has been trying for many years, so far without success. But there is always hope for the future.hey guys, I have a big head and I usually wear hats and it makes my head look smaller. Try it out. Maybe it'll work. You can also try a new haircdo or just live with it. Hope ya'll the best.

How can you modify headphones to fit a small head?

Make them smaller ;]

How do you make your shoes look smaller?

you can't

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Squint when you look at them.

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yes it can make up depnding were u place can make things luk bigger. if you are going for a look to make your eyes look smaller, eye liner can help amazingly if you place it properly.

Do black pants really make your bum smaller?

Well, they just make it LOOK smaller. It is an optical illusion or some such thing. Like how horizontal stripes make you look bigger.

How do you make your face look smaller?

lose weight or sleep sideways (Sleep sideways?) If losing weight is not feasible at the moment, what you could do is wear big glasses or wear a hat. Also if you are a girl, you could always use makeup to make your eyes bigger to make your head look smaller.

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You can make your shoe size smaller by having surgery on your feet. However, you can make your feet look smaller by wearing dark colored shoes.

Is there a natural way to make eye pupils smaller?

you can make it look smaller with different types of make up. But the only way to make it smaller is surgery, well that's what I heard. GOOD LUCK! :)

Is it for a mirror to make things look larger or smaller?


What features of an insect make it difficult to bend their bodies?

because they have smaller legs and smaller head and bodies which is heavy for their body!

Big for-head and i wanna look cute in a headband. Any tips on how i can make my self look cute or make my forehead look smaller?

You can try arranging your hair in other ways than pulling it straight back. Use a side part or other arrangement if you do not have bangs.

How do you make Joe J onas hairstyle?