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I've never heard of such a room at the Blackstone, but a guest did die under mysterious circumstances in the 1920s at the Congress Hotel.

The door that would have been numbered 666 has been locked & sealed, and the people working at the front desk claim not to know why may have become commingled over the years and transposed to the Blackstone.

So those who ask may be mistaking the Congress Hotel with the Blackstone Hotel.

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Is the Rice Hotel Houston Haunted?

They say the room President Kennedy stayed in two nights before he was assassinated is haunted. Do they mean by Him? I don't know, but they say it is.

Which room in hilston park is haunted?

Room 1,3 and 5 are haunted.

Was the room 1408 in the dolphin hotel really haunted?

Yes, but certainly not as horrific as the wonderful Steven King shirt story.

How do you tell your room is haunted?

You can't.You can only tell if your room is really haunted if you saw a ghost in the room.

Is there a haunted room in Chicago's Congress Plaza hotel?

There are numerous haunted rooms in the congress plaza....the ballrooms imparticular, not as much activity happens in the actual bedrooms but activity has been reported throughout.

Is room 4 in hilston park haunted?

no hilston is not haunted because it is someone in a different room

What is a double room in a hotel?

Double room hotel is nothing but the room which has two rooms inside that is called as double room in a hotel.

What is a single hotel room?

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What is a twin comfort hotel room?

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What is a triple room in an hotel?

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What is the difference between a suite and a room?

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What is the work in room service in hotel?

I want to know how to prepare the hotel room

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What rooms in the Crescent Hotel in Arkansas are haunted?

Several rooms at the Crescent Hotel are believed to be haunted. The rooms include numbers 202, 419, 424, and room 218. Room 218 is said to be haunted by an Irish stonemason named Michael. The activity in that room includes bangs on the walls, and the lights and TV turning on and off by itself. Room 419 has reports of a female ghost that will introduce herself to guests and then vanish. There are also reports of ghosts in the comon areas; a male ghost in the lobby area, the ghost of Dr. Norman Baker outside the Recreation room, a female nurse that wanders the third floor, a male room service attendant that moves between the dining room and the third floor, and also reports of objects moving apparently by themselves in the dining area. You can find more information about the ghosts of the Crescent Hotel by going to http://crescent-hotel.com/ghosts/index.html

What is the maximum occupancy of a hotel room?

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How can someone book a room at the Hotel Lucia in Portland?

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Will you clean your room?

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When was Hotel Room Service created?

Hotel Room Service was created on 2009-06-16.

When was Hotel Room EP created?

Hotel Room EP was created on 2004-03-15.

How can you do room boy service in hotel?

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