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Yes there are several sites like Weight Watchers you could use that have healthy weight calculators on them.

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โˆ™ 2011-06-01 16:44:17
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Q: Is there a 'heatlthy weight calculator' I could use online?
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You can find a cheap weight calculator (or scale) at any local Walmart. Alternatively, you could also purchase a well-priced one online on some bidding site.

Where I could find a bmr calculator online?

I think that if you just search bmr calculator interactive they may have it. But, the wii fit does have a good way of keeping track of your weight and BMI.

Are there reliable loan calculators online?

The only loan calculator I could find was at Most of the calculators are for mortgages, taxes or car loans. The calculator I found is a good one and very thorough. Your bank may have a calculator online that you could check out.

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There are many places where one could find wedding budget calculators online. One could check websites such as "Weddings" for an online budget calculator tool.

Where can I find a good roth IRA calculator online?

Roth IRA calculator is sure the thing that helps you with this. You could access it online on some websites such as Bank Rate, Calculator and Roth IRA.

Where online could one find a loan payment calculator?

You can find a loan payment calculator online at the Bankrate website. You can also use the Nationwide loan calculator as well as receive a loan through Nationwide.

Is there a good online inflation rate calculator available?

You could try some tax return help sites, these normally have any calculators you could need. If that does not work then I would recommend using an online calculator website.

Where can you go and use an online calculator?

You could use it on the acsesseries tab

How do you calculate the point value of a food item for weight watchers?

The point value is calculated through the calories, fat, and fibre. Generally you would require a Weight Watcher's points calculator, although I'm sure you could find one online.

Where could one find a calculator that could help them find a wavelength frequency?

Wavelength frequency calculators can be found online from many different sources. Some examples of online wavelength frequency calculators include Wavelength Calculator and 1728.

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One can find an Auto Loan Refinance Calculator online at Lending Tree or PNC. One could also find an Auto Loan Refinance Calculator from Nationwide or NFM Lending.

Where could one find an online simple interest calculator?

If you are looking for an online simple interest calculator there are several sites that you can find this on. One site where you can is called Easy Calculation and will give you all the tools you need.

Where can a fixed annuity calculator be purchased?

A fixed annuity calculator could be purchased online on sites like Amazon or eBay. Also, it could be purchased in retail stores like Staples, Walmart, or OfficeMax.

Where can one locate a mortgage refinancing calculator?

Someone looking to locate a mortgage refinancing calculator could find one online or at a specialty electronics store. Mortgage refinancing calculators are most easiest to find online.

How can you find solutions for equations with two variables?

if you can, you could always search a online calculator and use that.

Where online can I use a free mortgage payment calculator?

There are several reputable mortgage calculators on-line. The best ones I could find are at and

How do you calculate weight loss by percent?

You could use a BMI calculator which gives you a ratio. The ratio is your weight in relation to your height. You can use this ratio as your percentage to measure how far you are from your ideal weight.

Where do i find a social security benefits calculator online?

Im having a big problem at home with the economics, so i was wondering where i could find a social security benefits calculator?

Where could a person find a mortgage calculator online for residents of Halifax?

Some good mortgage calculator for residents of Halifax can be found at the Halifax website and the Realtor website. Both website contain a lot of mortgage calculator services.

Where can I find an amortization calculator online?

For this calculator you could be clever and use excel to calculate it but if you like the easy way go to on again and then the calculator is already loaded in front of you but change the currency to suit you and your personal figures as well.

Are there any websites that could help me with healthy weight calculators?

There are many websites that offer healthy weight calculators. One such place can be found here:

Where could one find a bridging loan calculator online?

You can find a calculator at ebsi-finance or positive bridging finance. It's actually fairly easy to find a fairly accurate one online. If possible its probably better for you to pop into a bank or loan company to calculate it even more accurately since there are some factors to the loan that may not be suggested on the online calculator

Where can I find an online forum on weight loss?

you could actually find forums online, this is one website where you could find it, you could share information and ideas with each other hope that helps

200 divided by 75?


Are online BMI's accurate?

Some are pretty accurate, but others are not. I would advise you not to use online BMI's because many are not accurate. Sometimes when they aren't accurate, they make you feel bad about yourself. They may make you think you need to lose weight, when you really don't.One specific BMI calculator that I would advise you NOT to use, is the one on When I used this BMI, I typed the following information into the calculator: age: 13 sex: female height: 5' 2" weight: 100 lbs. My results were healthy weight, which was ok. But it listed me in the middle range of healthy weight. Which wasn't a bad thing, but I honestly thought I should be in the lower range of healthy weight. So I experimented to see how accurate this BMI calculator actually was. I pressed the back arrow, and changed my weight to 90 lbs. and pressed the "calculate" button. It still said I was a healthy weight. I went back again, and changed it to 89. Still, healthy weight. I Changed it to 88. Healthy weight. I continued going down, to see how little I could weigh, and still be a healthy weight. According to the BMI calculator, I could weigh as little as 84 pounds, and still be a healthy weight.