Is there a hex editor that can make the same edit on multiple files via batch?

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exists and is an alternate of . has a program called "Batch Hex Editor", check it out. Hope that is what you are looking for. It is free to try
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What mp3 tag editor can move swap and copy fields for large number of mp3 files in a batch?

There's a fantastic tag editor I've been using for a few years now that will do the trick. It's called Mp3Tag Pro, and you can get it here: Your problem can be solved with this program too. Here is what mp3Tag Pro offers: * View and e ( Full Answer )

What are batch files?

Batch files are text files containing a series of commands to execute set of commands or run programs in a sequence. Batch files are like a script which, instead of entering and running individual commands are useful in saving time and executing programs even when computer user is not present. Batch ( Full Answer )

How do you make a batch to delete files in a certain folder?

Make a new text file and rename it to _____.bat (fill in the blank with a name of your choice). I'm assuming you know how to change file name extensions. Right click on the .bat file. Choose 'edit'. type this: del " __A___ \*._B_" fill in blank A with the directory name fill in bl ( Full Answer )

How do you make a batch file to delete all files and folders in a particular folder?

The command is as follows : . del c:\[directory you want to delete] /s This would need to be in a text file created in notepad, and saved as a .bat file. Or you could type EDIT from the command line to bring up the old DOS editor.. Improving answer:. Step 1: Open up Notepad. Step 2: Type the ( Full Answer )

How do you make a batch file?

To create a batch file, click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad.. Enter the commands you would like to execute.. Click on File > Save. When prompted for a file name, you must select the file type "All Files (*.*)". Make sure the file name ends in ".bat", such as "dostuff.bat".. The fi ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to write a code into a batch file that makes it impossible to terminate?

Not that I know of... but this may help:. To hide batch files when you run them:. 1. Create a vbscript file called start.vbs with the following code:. CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False. 2. To run your file type: start.vbs .bat in a command window.. Ea ( Full Answer )

How do you make a batch file to move files?

in your batch file type: Move (the directory or folder and the file) space (the directory you want it in) example: move "C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\text.txt" "C:\Users\%username% You can change the %username% to your username but %username%is the variable for your username

How do you make a batch file that you can type on?

Well, here is your answer: type this on your notepad: @echo off title "your Title" color 0a set /p a="your question or whatever you want to ask" later if you want to view the text the operator wrote for your question,type this: echo %a%

How do you make a batch file to delete certain files?

del (path of file) or, to delete cetain files with the same extension, del (path of files)\*.(extension of file) for example, del C:\program files\randomfiles\*.txt will delete all .txt files in C:\program files\randomfiles\ help me with this one plz and it is how to make ur file come back if u de ( Full Answer )

Where can you find the Hex Editor and how do you use it?

A Hex Editor is simply a program that allows you to look at files on a much lower level than is normally psosible, viewing and changing things you couldn't normally see. A good one to use is called "XVI32" and can be downloaded for free from the web site in the links below. I believe it has a hel ( Full Answer )

How you can make a batch file which delete a directory on booting?

REM deletes a file C: del filename exit Create a file, above, using wordpad and save it with the extension .BAT Modify the line C: del filename, to indicate where the file is and instead of 'filename' write the name of the file you want to delete. (REM is just a remark to remind you what it does..) ( Full Answer )

How do you hex edit Pokemon emerald?

well you have to get the software from the internet then your free to hex edit. when you hex edit you can do anything that you want to do such as get every single Pokemon in shiny form. well you have to get the software from the internet then your free to hex edit. when you hex edit you can do anyt ( Full Answer )

Are there any video editors that edit MOV files?

There are several video editors available commercially or for freefrom the Internet that can be used to edit MOV files. The inbuiltWindows Movie Maker can also serve this purpose.

How do you create batch file to launch multiple websites?

OK well first you would need a webstie to open. Lets say it is google. This would be the script: ________________________ @echo off start start start exit ________________________ That would open google three times hope that helps!

How do you make a menu in a batch file?

There are many ways to make menus with a batch script. This depends on how you want the menu to look and the user to interact with it. If you want a text based menu, that would probably be the easiest for you to make and can be done strictly with batch commands. If you want a windows menu popup that ( Full Answer )

When making a batch file how can one disable the close box?

If you are talking about the little red "X" mark on the batch window and you want to disable it so someone cannot close it, then there is no possible way to do that. The batch file scripts are very simple and cannot go as far as to disable a close button. Anyway, the person can easily exit the batch ( Full Answer )

How do you make a batch file run a command on a specific date automatically and not when you click it?

Look into scheduling using the AT command. Schedule the program to run once: AT 2am /NEXT:Thursday "batch_file.bat" The above command will set batch_file.bat to run at 2AM on the next Thursday. Schedule the program to run every week: AT 2am /EVERY:Thursday"batch_file.bat" This command is simila ( Full Answer )

How do you make a batch file that will disable a computer?

You can't "disable" a computer with something as simple as a batch file. You would need to learn a lot more about hacking, in a legal way. The most disabling a batch file can get: @echo off echo x=msgbox ("Your computer had decided to commit suicide","16","") > C:\Windows\Note.vbs start C ( Full Answer )

How do you make a batch file say happy birthday?

type this(with any enter or space in it): @echo off echo happy birthday pause end you can edit the happy birthday as you like it but keep the "echo" what happens if you run this: a CMD window will open and says: happy birthday press any key to continue... if you press a key the file closes if ( Full Answer )

How do you make a pdf file and edit it?

To MAKE a PDF file, you could try Adobe Acrobat, it could create the PDF easily. Or try third party tools like PDF Creator, it could create PDF file in second, just like converting file to PDF. While Acrobat works the different way, it could save PDF just like some word processing does. You cou ( Full Answer )

How do you make a batch file to delete all files and folders in a particular folder in XP?

Here's the code: @echo off del "location of folder here" /Q /F /S The code, when run, will locate the mapped location of a folder and delete everything in it. An example: @echo off del C:\Users\Noah\WikiAnswers\*.* /Q /F /S You might want to get rid of the /Q and /F at the end as the ( Full Answer )

What does the batch file command GOTO do?

It jumps to the line after the indicated label. For example, this batch... . @ECHO OFF ECHO apple GOTO BANANA ECHO sauce :BANANA ECHO ice cream . ... would generate the following output: . apple ice cream .

What is Batch File Maker?

you can use notepad for creating a batch file. just when you save the file that you made, add .bat as a file extension. like this: "sample.bat".

How do you make a batch file that talks to you?

1. Click on the Start Menu 2. Click on the Run command 3. Type in: cmd 4. Type in: help This should help you a lot with commands. Use: help for details on a certain command. Example: help echo Use the echo command to make the batch file talk. Example is: . @echo echo "This ( Full Answer )

How do you create a batch file to make a xls file a csv?

If you mean to convert from one file type to another. You possibly can but it would take a lot of work. It would require a good understanding of both file types. You could read one line at a time from the input file using the FOR command and then modify the line in order to make it work as the other ( Full Answer )

How do you get hex-editor?

go to and type in Hex editor neo (neo is better) and it should be the first on in the list of links and download it. yes it is safe to download my computer said so

Can you edit characters stats in oblivion using hex editor?

Although I have only ever played TES IV: Oblivion on PS3, I assume you can if you're playing it on a PC. However, I would not recommend this, as you can seriously mess up your game. The last time I used third party software to edit traits in a game on my PC, I had trouble completing the quests becau ( Full Answer )

How you autorun a batch file?

you can autorun a batch file using another batch file which will make it go off after a certain amount of time heres what you should do: @echo off color0a echo 5 ping localhost -n 2 >nul cls echo 4 ping localhost -n 2 >nul cls echo 3 ping localhost -n 2 >nul cls echo 2 ping localhost -n 2 >nul cls ( Full Answer )

How to edit pdf file and make changes?

You could try Adobe Acrobat, it should be the best editor for PDF file. But it is expensive. But you could find a cheaper alternative to Acrobat. In fact, Infix PDF Editor is good, you may give that a try. Hope it help:)

Is there a virus risk with a hex editor?

You are safe until you execute the file. Hex Editors will NOT execute the software, unless it offers a debug & || compile option, if so - do not run them. If you fear a virus might attack during examination, run your editor inside a Sandbox or Virtual Machine.

Hex editor on iPod Touch?

if your device is jailbroken, get myfile from insanelyi repo, go to the app, lets say minecraft pe, go to documents, games, com.mojang, minecraft worlds, select ur world, scroll down 2 "open with..." select hex editor, ther you go.

How do you use batch files to copy files from the same folder as the batch file?

Create a command script (or batch file) with the following commands: @echo off copy *.* Replace with the desired folder (may be relative to the current folder, or an explicit, fully-qualified folder). Note that the batch file will also be copied. You may alter the wildcard in order to limit wh ( Full Answer )

How does a hex editor work in theory?

In the hex editor there are sixteen hex digits (0 to 9, A to F) and each one represents four bits. Two hex digits represent a byte, which can have a value from 00 to FF. This kind of notation is universally used in computing.

Can you have a running batch file continue in another batch file but have it running in the same spot as it was before just moving it in windows 7?

Yes you can have a running batch file continue in another batch file, by getting it to call itself with an argument. To call itself use %0 (and think it is best to use one of CALL or START (command) or maybe CMD)To analyze arguments (the first one) do code like: if %1TRICK==TRICK goto nomore rem sta ( Full Answer )

How can a make a batch file to know if a number is not a perfect square?

a number is a perfect square when you can directly extract its square root in whole numbers and without approximation. when you subject a certain number to a radical sign, you can extract its square. example: 25 is a perfect square. it's square root is 5, since 5 x 5 is equal to 25.

How do you make a batch file run on startup?

Place a shortcut to the batch file in the Start-up folder in thestart menu. Note that each user has their own Start-up folder butthere's also an all-users start-up folder (the Start-up folder inthe start menu is a virtual folder showing the aggregate of bothfolders). Right-clicking the Start-up fold ( Full Answer )

How do you make a batch file wait?

Use the 'pause' command. The pause command will make a "press any key to continue..." message. If you don't want this to show up, use "pause >nul". This will make the batch file wait without the pause message.