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Dental care abroad If you go abroad for dental care: -- Check with the appropriate government agency in the destination country about its national dentistry guidelines. -- Find out what recourse is available if something goes wrong. -- At the dental office, look for infection-control procedures, including instrument sterilization and use of protective gloves, mask and eyewear. -- A traveler's guide to dental care is available through the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures at Source: American Dental Association. Why is dental cheaper in Mexico? - lower operating costs, dentists are not required have malpractice insurance, dentists are less advanced and use less expensive technology and infection control procedures. Dental treatment performed abroad although less expensive, also carries an increased number of associated complications and risks. Yes there are many. Do some research and you should find a good one.

From what I know of Holistic Dentistry is that; * * Search for Mercury-free-dentist

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Q: Is there a holistic dentist in Mexico across the border from Yuma Arizona?
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I can't recommend a dentist in that area but have been using a dentist in Progreso for a couple of years and am quite happy with the care I have recieved.....and any US dentist is going to kick a fit when you say mexico....the US dentists are losing billions of dollars because of the cheaper prices in Mexico. All of my bad dental experiences have been in the US...not in Mexico. The only thing I will say about using a Mexican Dentist is to get your price agreed upon first

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