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Is there a hospital in Lagos Nigeria called Amazing Grace?


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is there hospital that are called amazeing

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is there a hospital called grace or amazing grace in lagos nigeria

Yes, there is a Grace Hospital in Imo State, about 20 K from Owerri.

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Amazing Grace Church was created in 2001.

Grace Cottage Hospital was created in 1949.

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Amazing GraceAmazing GraceHow sweet the soundthat saved a wretch lie meI once was lostbut now I'm foundwas blindbut now i seeThat's the beginning of the song the rest is on amazing grace

Amazing Grace was first published in "Olney Hymns" which was printed in 1779

Sinai-Grace Hospital was created in 1888.

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The Princess Grace Hospital Centre was created in 1958.

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No. It deals with grace as a theological concept.

Amazing Grace is a song. there are , in different faiths , different types of Grace such as sanctifying, saving, etc, all supernatural. it was a joke at the pharmacy of a church operated hospital to ( get 300MGs of Saving Grace) that"s more than you will find in some people! By the way the song was written by a man named Newton ( not the scientist) and was based on his personal experience as an ex-slave trader and something of a Buccaneer type. as a kid when I first heard the song I thought it was more or less a musical autobiography of Saint Paul as it is entirely in synch with Paulist theology. Grace is undeserved favor or merit. Amazing Grace is a song that speaks of the amazing grace of forgiveness of sin God has given his obedient children. grace can also be a name.. my name is grace ^^

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