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No. You are qualified to work when you are a licensed teen. In other words; at the age of 16 and above. Some places allow 15 year olds to work but it's on a rare occasion that they do. Sorry. CRAP!!!!

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Can 12 year olds volunteer at petsmart?

YES they can

What jobs can a 12 and 13 year olds in Darlington UK?

12 year olds can't get a job only 13 years and up can get a job.

Can a 12 year old get a job?

Yes, For types of jobs see, Where can 12 year olds get a job???.

Where can 12 year olds get a job?

im 12 and i live in tulsa,ok and i want a job

What are job restrictions for 12 year olds?

Job restrictions for 12 year olds will vary. Most of the time, in many locations, children that are only 12 years old can't work at all. They have curfews.

How can 12 years old get a job?

Um... 12 year olds can only get a volunteer job which means no money... You have to be at least (i believe) 14 to get a workers permit (from your parents) and 16-17 to get a job on your own... so... 12 year olds have a long ways to go.

Job for 12 year olds?

paper rounds, maybe car washing.

What Jobs are there for 12 year olds in London?

i am branwen and i am 12 and i want to have a job in London please can you help

How old do you have to be to get a job in Canada?

You can be 12 but jobs for 12 year olds are mostly paper routs and baby sitting but any age over 12 you can get a job

Can 12 year olds babysit?

Yes 12 year olds can babysit.

Can you get jobs for 12 year olds?

It is illegal for a 12-year old to get a paying job in the U.S. However, they can volunteer for a good cause. When they reach 16, they can try to get a paying job.

Does Leo Howard like or date 12-year-olds?

Yes he has dated other 12 year olds ! :)

Can 12 year olds get a job and if yes what kind of job?

Yes,12 year olds can get a job.They can walk dogs,pet sit or even if you like babies you can baby sit.These were just a few of them but I bet that you can come up with more.I hope you can find a job :).GOOD LUCK!

Does Dylan sprose date 11 and 12 year olds?

12 year olds

Jobs for 12-year-olds?

Babysitting. :)

Can a 12 year old apply for a job in Minnesota?

probabbly not 12 yr olds dont have legal rights to work.

Things 12-16 year olds can do?

well 12 year olds can ride a bike, 13 year olds can go see pg-13 movies, 14 year olds can go to high school, 15 year olds can get their learner's permit and 16 year olds can get their driver's licenses!!! go 16 year olds!!

What is a virtual world for 12 to 13-year-olds?


Are there any jobs for 12 year olds in kansas city Missouri?

why cant 12 year olds have jobs

Does target hire 12 year olds?

no one hires 12 year olds unless its the entertainment industry.

Is there a job for 12 year olds?

No. But you can do some side work like mowing lawns, raking grass, etc.

Where are 12 year olds in Australia allowed to apply for a job?

They could a drug dealer or a stripper. Good pay.

Is you and the devil video appropriate for 12 yr olds?

No, and not appropriate for 12 year olds.

Do doctors recommend contacts for 11 or 12-year-olds?


Can 12 year olds have job?

Yes, but they can't have a job like a bissiness or anything big like that!Causeof child labor laws you must be atleast 14 to get a job.

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