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Is there a kurdistan?

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As a region, yes, as an independent and/or sovereign state, no.

Kurdistan is a term applied to regions of southeast Turkey, northeast Syria, northern Iraq, and northwest Iran in reference to the Kurdish ethnic majority who live on that land. The Kurds, by and large, want independence from their host nations and to create an independent republic on these majority Kurdish lands, but this has not yet happened. The closest to this are the Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistans which have become de facto independent as a result of the Iraqi Civil War (between the government and ISIL) and the Syrian Civil War.

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Where is Kurdistan in the world?

Kurdistan is in Middle-East, in Iraq. They have their own flag, but kurdistan is a region.

What is the population of Kurdistan?

Kurdistan is an integral part of Iraq.

Where is the Kurdistan region located?

The Kurdistan region is located in Iraq. The Kurdistan borders East, West and North Kurdistan and Iraqi to the South. Political violence between them and their regions has increased.

Is Iraq next to kurdistan?

ugh- kurdistan is part of Iraq

What is the population of Kurdistan Province?

The population of Kurdistan Province is 1,440,156.

When was Kurdistan Airlines created?

Kurdistan Airlines was created in 2004.

What language do people in kurdistan speak?

People in Kurdistan speak Kurdish.

Is iraqi kurdistan civilized?

Yes. People have manners in Iraqi Kurdistan.

When Kurdistan got freedom?

Kurdistan didn't got freedom and it won't.

What are people of Kurdistan called?

The majority population of Kurdistan is made of Kurds.

How do you go tour Kurdistan?

In the case of Turkish and Iranian Kurdistan, you get VISAS to those nations and then proceed to go to the Kurdish-majority regions. In the case of Iraqi Kurdistan, you get a special VISA to visit Iraqi Kurdistan from the Iraqi Embassy or upon arrival in Iraqi Kurdistan (if you are a national from certain countries and are arriving in Iraqi Kurdistan from somewhere other than Iraq). In the case of Syrian Kurdistan, it is currently STRONGLY discouraged to go to Syrian Kurdistan. Although it is among the safest areas in Syria, that is not saying much.

What is the largest city in kurdistan?

Erbil /Hawler/ is the largest city in kurdistan of Iraq

Is Haiti near Kurdistan?

No. Haiti is in the Gulf of Mexico and Kurdistan is in the Middle East.

When was Communist Party of Kurdistan created?

Communist Party of Kurdistan was created in 1982.

When did Kurdistan Islamist Conflict happen?

Kurdistan Islamist Conflict happened in 2002.

When was Islamic Group in Kurdistan created?

Islamic Group in Kurdistan was created in 2001.

When was Kurdistan Islamic Union created?

Kurdistan Islamic Union was created in 1994.

When was Kurdistan Revolutionary Party created?

Kurdistan Revolutionary Party was created in 1964.

When was Iraqi Kurdistan created?

Iraqi Kurdistan was created on 1970-03-11.

What is the area of Iraqi Kurdistan?

The area of Iraqi Kurdistan is 40,643 square kilometers.

When was Islamic Movement of Kurdistan created?

Islamic Movement of Kurdistan was created in 1979.

When was Islamic Party of Kurdistan created?

Islamic Party of Kurdistan was created in 1979.

Is Kurdistan a sovereign state?

No. Kurdistan is under the rule of other sovereigns. Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan, though, are currently very autonomous from their ruling nations.

What is the capital of Kurdistan?

Sanandaj is the capital of Eastern Kurdistan (occupied by Iran), Al-Qamishli is the capital of Western Kurdistan (occupied by Syria), Erbil (which the Kurds call "Hawler") is the Capital of Southern Kurdistan (occupied by Iraq) and Diyarbakir (which the Kurds call "Amed") is the capital of Northern Kurdistan (occupied by Turkey).

Is Mesopotamia called kurdistan today?

No. The area commonly called "Mesopotamia" is today mostly in Iraq. Kurdistan is in in northern Iraq with portions also in Iran, Syria, and Turkey. While there are parts of Mesopotamia that overlap with areas of Kurdistan, the majority of Mesopotamia is outside of Kurdistan and the majority of Kurdistan is outside of Mesopotamia.

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