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Read your CONTRACT. Most major lenders contracts require their permission to do so or you're in default. State laws? YES. DEFRAUDNG A SECURED CREDITOR. What I am asking is what are the legalities for taking a car out of state that the payments have not been madedo to loss of job. If a forwarding address has been left and the car has been in plain sight the entire time.

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Q: Is there a law about taking a car out of state that is in default?
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purchased car in missouri but live in arkansas, which state law do I follow?

If you're driving the car in Arkansas you follow Arkansas law YOU HAVE TO USE THE LAW IN THE STATE WHICK YOU LIVE

Is there a car buyer's remorse law in Maryland?

No, there is no buyer's remorse law on the purchase of any new car in any state. Once you buy the car it is yours, and it becomes a used car the moment you sign the contract and drive away. Some states may have such a law on the purchase of a used car, such as the California law, but not on a new car. There is however a lemon law in your state.

Can anything be done if you buy a used car as is from a car dealership and the transmission goes out in two weeks?

Depends on if your state has a lemon law, and what the specifics of the law state.

What is an explanation of of newton's first law?

Newton's first law of motion 'Everybody retains its state of rest or state of motion, until an external force Is applied on it. A Person sitting in a moving car fall forward , when the car stops suddenly. Athlete run some distance , before taking a long jump.

Do i need to have car insurance before i can drive my car?

Of course you do. Most likely it is required by your state law but even if it is not a state law, you need the coverage in case you have an accident.

What is the Arizona law to return a car back to the dealership?

The only law in ANY state that you can use to return a car is the state Lemon Law. There is NO LAW in any state that allows a cooling off period or so-called buyer's remorse. Those laws apply to unsolicited sales, not automobile sales. You bought the car and you own the car. You cannot take it back.

Does the gun has to be unloaded in the compartment of a car?

Depends on the law of the state you are in- laws vary state to state.

Is taking a car for a joy ride and stealing a car the same in the eyes of the law?

If it isn't yours,,it is grand theft.

What are the advantagesdisadvantages of taking off the catalystic converter on a car?

Violation of Federal law to do so

Can you pass a cop car with a pulled over car on a solid line?

Depends on the state but for the State of New Jersey its a new law.

Can a car dealer fit an automotive lift or does this job require a special contractor?

This law varies by state. Please check your state law.

What is the law on taking a car outa state that's not fully paid for?

There is no such law. People who finance cars drive them across state lines regularly. They are not limited to driving in only their state of residence.There is no such law. People who finance cars drive them across state lines regularly. They are not limited to driving in only their state of residence.There is no such law. People who finance cars drive them across state lines regularly. They are not limited to driving in only their state of residence.There is no such law. People who finance cars drive them across state lines regularly. They are not limited to driving in only their state of residence.

Why is your opinion about the law that state that you cant smoke in a car?

love u

What can the court seize in the execution of a default judgment?

Except for those things excluded by state law, anything that is negotiable or that can be converted to cash.

It's against the law to carry a gun in your car in the state of Texas?

No, it is not against the law, while carrying your gun in the state of Texas, you should conceal it.

Can WV impound an out of state car for no insurance?

When you have no insurance on your vehicle, you void your registration - insurance is required by law. Yes, they can impound a car from out-of-state in that instance.

In New York State can a lender repossess a car if it's not delinquent and has proper insurance even when you are in default on an unsecured loan with the same creditor?

You need to contact your Attorney General about this one. You will get the correct answer based on NY law. Read your contract it should state if there is any "linkage" between the loans.

Car was repoed all papers where in the car how can he find out where the car is?

Call your local authorities. By law a repo company and an impound company have to report to the police department before taking your car.

What is the law for a repo to happen on a car note. I thought it had to be 90days?

If you are in "default" on the loan and your creditor has sent you a repossession notice then they can take it back at any time.

Can you carry a firearm in your car in Mississippi?

Yes. According to Mississippi State law, you car is considered an extension of your home.

Handgun in car Florida law?

You must have a permit to conceal and carry in order to have a handgun in a car in the state of Florida.

Is criminal court a federal court?

It can be. Federal courts handle violation of Federal law. State courts handle state law. Both CAN be criminal courts. Steal a car in a National Park- Federal Court. Steal a car in the city- state court.

What are the state laws in ga regarding new car?

As you are not clear on what you are wanting to know, I can only guess. If you are talking about the return of a new car, there is no such law concerning the purchase of an auto. The cooling off law does not apply to auto purchases. If you are asking about the state lemon law, I suggest you go to your state attorney's web site.

What is the definition of uniform law?

I am taking a business class and this is the definition it has listed:Uniform Law: A model law created by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and/or the American Law Institute for the states to consider adopting. If the state adopts the law, it becomes statutory law in that state. Each state has the option of adopting or rejecting all or part of a uniform law.Business Law Today by Miller and Jentz Eighth Edition

Can you rescind on purchase of a USED car days later in new york state?

No, the buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle. However New York does have a state used car lemon law. Check with your state Attorney General for the details.