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Is there a law about taking a car out of state that is in default?


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2004-12-01 07:54:19
2004-12-01 07:54:19

Read your CONTRACT. Most major lenders contracts require their permission to do so or you're in default. State laws? YES. DEFRAUDNG A SECURED CREDITOR. What I am asking is what are the legalities for taking a car out of state that the payments have not been madedo to loss of job. If a forwarding address has been left and the car has been in plain sight the entire time.


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If you're driving the car in Arkansas you follow Arkansas law YOU HAVE TO USE THE LAW IN THE STATE WHICK YOU LIVE

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No, there is no buyer's remorse law on the purchase of any new car in any state. Once you buy the car it is yours, and it becomes a used car the moment you sign the contract and drive away. Some states may have such a law on the purchase of a used car, such as the California law, but not on a new car. There is however a lemon law in your state.

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Depends on if your state has a lemon law, and what the specifics of the law state.

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Newton's first law of motion 'Everybody retains its state of rest or state of motion, until an external force Is applied on it. A Person sitting in a moving car fall forward , when the car stops suddenly. Athlete run some distance , before taking a long jump.

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Of course you do. Most likely it is required by your state law but even if it is not a state law, you need the coverage in case you have an accident.

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