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A motorcycle is required to have a muffler in PA. A set of drag pipes with a baffle is a crude form of a muffler. The only real noise limit is at the discretion of the police, legally, if a cop writes up a disturbing the peace ticket or something related, a judge will probably let it stand.

2006-10-03 16:20:05
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Should people worry about smoke alarms?

Yes of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If there were no smoke alarms and there was a firehow were you supposed to know ( you'd get burn't!!)That's why we have noise alarms and not smell alarmswhen you sleep you nose in switched of so you wouldn't be able to smell the firebut your ears are concious so that's why we have fire alarms (they make noise)Personally i think no, the radioactive substances inside cause not harm, they are safe to have in the home there is also no need to worry about them working as they have a long years time to live more than 10 years.

How loud can a motorcycle be?

Your ears will find out that the closer you are to the motorcycle the louder the noise will be. We measure the sound pressure by a SPL meter.

What is the difference between clock and watch?

Clocks make noise... like alarms or chimes... watches are silent...

Why do dogs hate alarms?

The noise is too high pitched and loud, their ears are much more sensitive than ours and it can damage them.

Is it legal to use earplugs whilst riding a motorcycle?

Yes, there are earplugs especially designed for motorcyclists and can be found in any motorcycle store. They cut out most wind-noise-in-helmet frequencies but still allow sirens, horns and some people/engine noise to get through.

What time will the fireworks stop?

In the UK there is no time limits on when fireworks should stop but the noise from then can be dealt with as that, noise. There is very little regulations surrounding fireworks and firework displays in the UK.

What is the grinding noise on your motorcycle?

It could be something as simple as sand in the brakes ,but there is no way to tell w/o more information.

What engine system removes burned gases and limits noise produced by the engine?

I would say it is the exhaust system.

Is there a noise ordinance for williamson county tx?

Apparently not. You are SOL if you have a problem and don't live within the city limits.

What are the motorcycle noise laws in Canada?

All of the provinces in Canada have motorcycle noise laws. Motorcycles are manufactured with silencers on the exhaust, and if the noise level goes above 100 dB at 5000 rpm on a bike with a 3-4 cylinder engine, you will be fined. Edit: All noise laws are either part of the Highway Traffic Act (and there's a different one for each province) or a city's by-laws statutes....and THOSE can all be different as well. So it's never a consistent answer.

Why does noise pollution occur?

The basic reason for noise pollution is we can hear the sound within limits of 20 to 20000 decibels only. Sounds occur above the limit we cannot hear normally, this is called as Noise pollution. Friction of parts, High decibel speakers are the examples for occurring noise pollution.

What causes motorcycle radio ignition noise?

If you're using batteries, my best guess is this being caused by your stator and R/R.

What has the author H Hornett written?

H. Hornett has written: 'Evaluation of stationary and moving motorcycle noise test methods for use in proposed regulations' -- subject(s): Noise, Measurement, Motors, Evaluation, Motorcycles

What is the latest hour for noise or curfew in Spring City Pennsylvania?

According to the police officer on duty tonight, 10-10:30.

Why do dogs bark and attempt to chase motorcycles?

Some dogs chase in general. The vehicle doesn't matter. It can be a scooter, skateboard, bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck, RV or Semi Tractor with a Trailer. But there are dogs that will chase a loud noise such as a motorcycle with loud exhaust pipes. The sound of those loud pipes hurts their ears and causes them to have an Anxiety attack which causes them to chase the loud noise.

What should we do to decrease noise pollution?

One very effective way to reduce motorcycle noise pollution is for states, cities and towns to adopt and enforce the EPA label law. All motorcycles made after 1982 must have an EPA noise certified exhaust with a label embossed into the muffler. It's illegal under federal law to replace the noise certified exhaust with one that isn't certified or to tamper with the legal muffler to make more noise. The city of Denver enacted an EPA label-based ordinance in 2007 and in less than two years mostly solved their motorcycle noise pollution problem with consistent enforcement and fines starting at $500. There's more information about this at the Maine Citizens For Quiet Motorvehicles Facebook page.

Example of noise pollution?

It's whatever you hear that you think is annoying noises. Here are some examples: traffic fireworks barking loud music barking screaming babies sirens car alarms construction

Is there such thing as a siren?

Siren can mean two things, either a Klaxon, something that makes a loud noise as used by emergency vehicles, fire alarms and such, Or a mythical sort-of female water creature that lured sailors into the sea.

1994 buick lesabre. noise from wheel when turning wheels left or right hits the limits?

Check your wheel bearings. Mine made a noise when turning right and had to replace the wheel bearings and hubs as they are all one unit on my 92.

What are the Motorcycle laws for Ontario Canada?

The motorcycle laws in Ontario, Canada will differ depending on the type of cycle it is. For most all types, a helmet is required to be worn, the handlebars cannot exceed more that 14.96 inches high, and the cycle must not make an unreasonable amount of noise.

Thom gunn poem summary On the move?

ïOn The Move� by Thom Gunn captures the ethos of motorcycle gangs. Unlike most humans who have lost their instinct and lack purpose, motorcycle gangs ñstrap in doubt� and almost hear a true meaning in the noise of their bikes.

Is it ethical for motorccyles to have loud exhausts but cars can't in Washington state?

Motorcycle or car; the police don't generally stop people for noise violations unless you are being obnoxious

What are the exhaust sound regulations in Pennsylvania?

In the State of Utah, exhaust and noise regulations are regulated by the Utah Highway Patrol. It must be the same in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Call the Highway Patrol in your state; ask for a Safety Inspector. He or she will have all the answers you need.

Is there a law that limits the noise emitted from a paintball field in Pennsylvania?

Your local zoning ordinance may have limitations on noises that are defined as creating a public nuisance. Even without an ordinance, you cannot operate any business that creates a public nuisance if there are people nearby who want to stop it. It is a question of whether the abutters want to sue or have the town/county take action by itself.

If you take out the stuff inside the motorcycle muffler will it sound louder on a 2008 gsx-r 600?

Yes it will be noisier - the noise will wake the dead and you'll get arrested real quick.