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There are several laws that MIGHT apply. You should contact a LOCAL attorney for a consultation(usually free) on what specifically happened.

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Does the finance company need to know that the finance car has been stolen?

Yes, it is in your contract to let them know of any changes in the value of their colatteral, like damage or theft.

How much time is spent by a consumer researching a water damage company?

As much as is necessary to find the information required.

Do free credit reports lower a credit score?

According to those selling this product, they do not. They instead provide "soft inquiries", which do no damage to a credit score and do not appear on statements. This is as opposed to "hard inquiries", typically performed to see if a consumer is over-extending his credit, an act that by itself can lead to a lower score.

How can you write a application to replace your damage credit card?

simply contact the company how to do so, because it varies from different different companies

Does a divorce hurt your credit?

The act of divorce does not damage your credit.

Can a company repossess tires?

It's highly unlikely, as it simply wouldn't be worth it. They can threaten legal action and damage your credit record though.

Which debt consolidation company will not damage my credit?

First check with the BBB to see if this company has a good record. Once you have chosen a Debt Consolidation company, just realize that joining one will not damage your credit. The only negative affect that you will receive is that if your accounts are not close by the time you join this company they will instruct you to close these accounts. Closing an active account will decrease your credit score anywhere from 10-20 points for each bureau that this account is reported with. But, in the long run, if this is your only choice, this will help you increase your score once your debts are paid off in full.

Would closing a credit card damage my credit score?

Yes closing a credit card can damage your credit score. But as long as everything else is good it should not affect you credit rating to much. Look for tips to keep a good credit card rating.

Does a person need to carry full coverage on all vehicles in a trucking business?

This is your decision. If the vehicles are financed then the finance agreement you have with the bank or finance company will require that you carry physical damage coverage. If the vehicles are paid for and not financed then the decision is completely up to the owner of the business. The owner will have to weigh the risk of loss versus the premium to carry physical damage coverage.

When was Damage Control - company - created?

Damage Control - company - was created in 2004.

Will having a payment plan with a collection agency greatly reduce your credit score?

No. Once a person is being threatened by a collection agency, there is a high liklihood that the damage to the credit report is already done - a chargeoff or collections transline will already be in your credit report. Having a payment plan merely gets the debt paid and on-time payments are usually NOT reported (however, if you miss a payment, that company can and will send a negative tradeline to further damage your credit reputation).

If you use credit card counseling services to pay off debt how does this affect your credit?

Typically when you use credit counseling services there has been damage done to your credit already. It affects your credit, but not as bad as if you are paying late all the time and struggling. Typically they help you settle your accounts and sometimes this "settling" l;owers your credit score. Answer 2: Problems that cause you to seek credit card counseling will definitely lower your credit score. But the fact that you used a credit card counselor to help you out of your debt should not negatively affect your credit score, if your credit company is following the Fair Isaac & Company. Fair Isaac is the company who developed the first scoring model which is used by most creditors today. There are companies who follow a different model and as unfair as it sounds, it can affect your credit score. For more information, check the link below.

How can a bad credit program help improve my credit?

While a bad credit program cannot make your bad credit disappear (don't fall for scams that say otherwise), but they can teach you how to repair the damage and move on with your life. They will help you to develop a budget you can stick to, teach you how to deal with creditors and debt collectors, give you credit counseling, and/or talk with you about the pros and cons of declaring bankruptcy. http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre03.shtm#improve

Advantages of credit purchases?

The use of credit (and some debit) cards have clear consumer advantages. Credit cards allow for consumer to dispute charges against fraud or merchant disputes. Moreover, unlike lost or stolen cash, credit cards are carry zero to minimal liability. Most credit cards also offer collision and damage insurance to their members renting cars, confer travel life insurance, and some even offer extended product warranties on purchases. Other cards offer the benefit of cash back and or customer loyalty points and airline miles.

What happens if i default into pay my credit card bill?

This could damage your credit score. It will be harder for you to get credit cards or loans in the future.

If the insurance adjustor assessed the hail damage to your car and the company sent a check can you keep it without repairing the vehicle?

Yes you can. one of my relatives did. But if the damamge was really bad, you probably should get it fixed. * Yes, unless a bank or finance company has a lien on the vehicle. The lienholder will insist that the damage be repaired or the money be used to reduce the loan. But if you own it free and clear, the insurance reimbursed you for the reduced value of the car. HOWEVER if you do not have this damage repaired, any future damage will not be fully covered.

What happens if insurance has lapsed with car damage before repossession?

You will have to pay the difference between what the finance company gets when they sell the car and the ballance on the loan. All it means is that the finance Co would have gotten more for the car if it hadn't been damaged so you would have owed less on the remander of the loan.

How much can a rental car charge your credit card if car is stolen?

This would depend on the insurance that you took out with your car rental company. Check the contract that you signed. Often there is a Damage Waiver and a Theft Waiver. Usually the theft waiver is double that of the damage.

If there is a great deal of damage done to the roof of your house and no company will finance you will your insurance company help you?

Most homeowners insurance companies do not provide mortgage financing. Any damage done to a home, such as hail, wind, fire, etc. should be covered by the homeowners insurance. If the roof is just "worn out" it is the homeowners responsibility This is considered normal and expected maintenance incidental to home ownership.

What can the consumer do about an error the finance company made which could damage your credit?

If you find an error, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires credit bureaus and organizations that provide information to them to correct the mistake. But you have to get the ball rolling by requesting an investigation. You can file a dispute online, by phone or by certified letter. A letter should include: * Your complete name, address, date of birth and social security number. * The name of the company you have a dispute with and account number of the disputed item. * The reason for your dispute, any corrections to your personal information and a request for correction. Before you fire off a letter, do some research and gather documentation to back up your claim. Disputed information that can't be verified must be deleted by the credit bureau. If an investigation isn't resolved in your favor, ask the credit bureau to include your version of the dispute in your record. Accurate negative information usually stays on a credit report for seven years -- ten years if you've filed for bankruptcy. If you know the blemish on your report is accurate, you'll have to live with it. The best way to repair your credit, says Rhode, is to keep paying your bills on time and start building a spotless record.

What is the purpose of Experian credit monitoring?

The purpose of Experian credit monitoring is to allow one to monitor their credit reports to minimize the damage that one could do to their credit levels and activity.

Does nerve damage repair itself?

CreditRepair are experts in the credit repair field and helps individuals meet their credit goals cutt.ly/qkzHmJw

Can you sue credit card company for giving out your debt information to your ex?

You'd have to prove that giving her the information caused damage to you. If she hasn't used the information for anything, you wouldn't have grounds to sue.

How does defaulting on a car loan affect your future credit?

Any default on any loan will damage your credit in the future.

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