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Is there a law where you don't have to pay for the first ticket if you go to court and state the law to the judge?

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No, it's not a law. But often a judge will be lenient if the offense wasn't bordering on wreckless driving, it's your first offense and you are appropriately respectful. It isn't a "right" to have a traffic ticket reduced, but some judges will do it just to help you out if you're having financial problems.

2006-07-31 16:38:00
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Q: Is there a law where you don't have to pay for the first ticket if you go to court and state the law to the judge?
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What happens in Ohio if you don't go to court for an expired license plate but pay the ticket after the court date?

Some states require a person to come to court for an expired license plate even if they pay the ticket in advance. If a person can not pay the ticket until after the court date, it is best to go to court to speak to a judge about the situation. If a person does not go to court, a judge can issue a bench warrant for their arrest. In the state if Ohio, contact the court to ask direct questions so that accurate information is relayed.

What happens if you are pulled over by cop and have a valid license but not on you in ct?

This might be different depending on the state, but generally you can get a ticket, but if you go to court and show the judge your valid license, the ticket will be revoked and your record will be clean.

I am 16 years old and i got pulled over for doing 50 in a 30 How much do you think the ticket will be?

It would depend on several factors to include state/county of ticket and what the juvenile judge sets as the ticket price. Same exact situation with two different judges has been known to elicit $50.00 fine to $130.00 fine plus court costs depending upon the judge. It also takes into factor if this is the first offense and if your state requires a mandatory course in defensive driving on a juveniles' first offense.

How to do I resolve a proof of insurance fix-it-ticket in the state of California?

I would say the Court listed on the ticket that you received. I would even state that the phone number for such court is probably listed on the ticket itself.

Which court systems have a judge and a jury?

Depending on your state? Usually most states Circuit court consists of a judge and jury.

Got a no insurance ticket in friends car but i have insurance will that cover me?

The ticket probably wasn't for no insurance, it was for no proof of insurance. Depending on your state, you should be able to just go to the county clerk (or just attend the court date on your ticket) show the judge proof of insurance.

Who appoints the state supreme Court judge?

The President

Judge glenda hatchett was a judge in what state?

Fulton County, Georgia Juvenile Court

What type of judge handles divorce?

A state trial judge assigned to the family court.

Who is Chief Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals?

The New York State Court of Appeals is the highest court in the New York judiciary. The current Chief Judge (as of March 2010) is Jonathan Lippman.

Is Judge Marilyn Milian an actor?

Judge Marilyn Milian is not an actress but is an actual judge. She was employed as a Florida state circuit court judge before she took over the bench on The People's Court in 2001.

Does a Careless Driving Ticket add points to your license in NJ the State Trooper that gave me the ticket said no but on njmc website it says 2 careless driving?

i got a careless driving get 2 points and have to pay a $85 ticket........but if you show up to court the judge will remove the points from your still have to pay the fine

Is there someone who is over a judge?

The presiding or administrative judge, all the way up to the state supreme court.

Which of the following jobs tends to have the highest prestige?

A judge in a state court

How much does a first seat belt ticket cost?

The ticket will vary depend upon which state you live in. If you are in the state of Kentucky, the ticket is $25.

Who has the power to appoint a judge to office?

It depends. If it is a city judge, it is appointed by the mayor. If it the state judge, it is appointed by the governor. If it is the Supreme court judge, it is appointed by the president.

How many days do you have to pay a red light ticket?

It should tell you on the ticket. As this will vary from state to state or even city to city there is no reliable way for someone to answer this question. In general most places I have experience with give you around 30 days, a few are generous and give up to 90 days. Read your ticket carefully, if you cannot find the information than contact your local law enforcement and ask them. If you are asking because you need more time, the best thing you can do is show up for court on the court date listed on your ticket and be polite to the judge, explain your situation and request more time. If you skip your court date and are not honest with the judge you will have severely less chance of getting an extension or a payment plan.

Is it illegal for a judge in Texas to deny a traffic ticket holder the right to sit out a ticket in jail in the event the ticket holder cannot pay because of poverty?

Typically unless the judges decision is unconstitutional which in this case it isn't, the judge can determine the punishment and was is allowable reinbursement for it (within state guided limits). Waiting the ticket out in jail not only doesn't get the ticket paid, but you end up wasting the departments money by having to feed and house an inmate for the time, which is a no-win situation for the court system, especially with overcrowding.

What kind of judge can sign a search warrant?

If it is a state search warrant, ANY judge of a state court may sign off on it. If it is a federal warrant, then a federal judge (or magistrate) must sign it.

Do you have to go to a juvenile court for emancipation?

In most jurisdictions you have to appear before a judge. The type of judge will depend on the state law. Check your state for the requirements for filing.

What age do you have to be as a state supreme court judge in Louisiana?

45 years old

What is the minimum age to be a state supreme court judge?

The answer to this question varies from state to state, but state legislatures usually require both a minimum age and a minimum number of years experience as a lawyer or judge.

How much does a ticket for no insurance violation cost?

That varies by the laws of your state, and whether the judge is feeling lenient or not.

How do you write a letter to a judge for an extension?

A letter should be written to the judge if an extension is needed for a court appearance. It should state the date of the court appearance and the reason needed for the extension.

What if you get a ticket in a different state and fail to appear in court?

A bench warrant will be entered against you, which means if you re-enter that particular state, you can be arrested. The state in which you received your ticket will also contact your domiciled state and your license will be suspended.