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Is there a limit to how many motorcyles you can sell privately without getting a motorcycle dealers license?

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βˆ™ 2006-10-12 12:49:42

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N,o the sky is the limit. The only rule now is from the EPA you can not build more than one motorcycle that does not meet EPA standards in a lifetime and if you sell it.

2006-10-12 12:49:42
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Q: Is there a limit to how many motorcyles you can sell privately without getting a motorcycle dealers license?
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What is the sales tax rate on a used motorcycle in Mississippi?

From what i am getting on my findings, it is 7% of what the county says the motorcycle is worth, not how much you bought it for.

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Who has the title to this motorcycle? If they do then you'll have a tough time getting your money or your bike. Contact a lawyer - you might need one.

How do you get a used auto dealers license in South Carolina?

SC has a guideline for getting your dealers license on their website. On the home page, at the top it has a link for dealer information. Click on it, it has a drop box and the first one will show dealers licenses. That will tell you every thing you need to know.

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There are several places on the Internet that you can purchase classic motorcycle insurance. The lowest price I was unable to find without getting a quote done.

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The cable, lever and actuator linkage need servicing.

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What is the minimum age to hold a motorcycle license?

It mostly depend upon country and state rules. In most of the countries the basic age limit is 18 year for getting a Motorcycle license.

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Where can one find information on getting a bill of sale for a motorcycle?

Typically, a bill of sale for a motorcycle is given by a third-party provider, which is from DMV. Rarely can it be done on the phone, but most states do provide it from DMV.

Can you buy a new motorcycle with your credit card?

Yes, but you might save money in interest by getting a loan from your bank.

What is the cheat for getting a motorcycle on midnight club?

just save your money and buy one they are so cheap anyway

How to Get A Bargain From Motorcycle Dealers?

A wise man once said, “Only a fool would walk into a Lion’s den expecting to get his feet licked.” This is no more true than when trying to get a bargain from a motorcycle dealer. However, bargains can be found if you understand a little about the way motorcycle dealers do business. Most motorcycle dealers have two or three retail options in one shop. New factory made motorcycles would be the first, riding accessories the next, and many of the bigger dealers will carry a line of motorcycle parts. By offering these options, they can advertise as the convenient, one-stop shop for all your motorcycle needs. Many times the bigger dealers will have a repair service of some kind, but when you’re shopping for a bargain the last place to look is the service department. If anyone ever had a by-the-book way of avoiding giving anyone a break, it’s a service manager. The only thing you can do is ask for a break on the cost of a repair, and if you catch the service manager on a really good day, you may get a few bucks knocked off the bill. However, this isn’t really a bargain in the classic sense of the word. The other place that won’t turn up a bargain is the parts department. The prices for replacement parts are listed in a catalog, which the salesmen always make a point of showing you. The standard excuse as they apologize for the cost is, they’re not making anything on the sale. We all know this is not the case, but don’t waste your time, because these guys are next in line for a job as the service manager. Which brings us to the only areas where there’s a chance to get a bargain. New motorcycles and riding accessories. The average mark-up on new motorcycles and accessories is in the range of 25 to 30%. In other words, if the sticker price on a new motorcycle is 30 thousand and you can get it for 24, this classifies as a bargain. The way to go about getting a deal in this range is to show the dealer some money, in the form of a hearty down payment. This way, the dealer gets paid off the top and everyone is happy. In addition, have the dealer throw an accessory in for no cost. A helmet, riding jacket or boots is a good bonus. If the sticker price is $30,000 and you walk out the door at $26,000 with a free riding jacket, you’ve figured out how to get a bargain from motorcycle dealers.

If you live in Texas do you have to have front blinkers on your motorcycle?

You do not have to have blinkers on a motorcycle in Texas. If you do have blinkers they have to work properly. But if you DO NOT have blinkers you can still get the bike inspected and you will have to use hand signals or risk getting pulled over for not using hand signals.

Will my credit score prevent me from getting cheap motorcycle insurance?

Bad credit can cause your motorcycle insurance rate to be higher. There are companies out there that do not check credit, but most of them charge more anyway. Shop around for the best price.