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Both Islam and Christianity originated out of Judaism.

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Q: Is there a link between Christianity and Islam?
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Who was the founder of Islam Christianity and Judaism?

Islam: Mohammed. Christianity: Jesus. Judaism: Abraham. See also the attached Related Link.

Which pope wanted christians to unite to redress he saw as an imbalance of power between Christianity and Islam?

christianity islam

Differences between islam and Christianity?

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the son of God. Islam teaches that Jesus was a messenger of God. Christianity teaches the concept of Original Sin. Islam does not. Islam teaches that Muhammad was a messenger of God. Christianity does not.

Who is the oldest religion in between Christ and Islam?

Christianity is older than Islam.

How do you compare Christianity with the Muslim religion?

See the link below for a chart comparing Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

What is the war between Christianity and Islam?

There is no war between Christianity and Islam. Some extremists in both groups are using religion for very ungoldy purposes.

Connecions Islam Christianity judaism?

The connection between Islam, Christianity and Judaism is that the three religions trace their history to the covenant between God and Abraham.

What is the differences between Christianity judaism Islam and Hinduism?

The difference between between these three religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism is in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. This single event marks Christianity different from these other religions.

Between Buddhism Hinduism Islam Judaism and Christianity what is the oldest to newest?

Hinduism is oldest, followed by Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and then Islam.

The crusades were fought between what two religions?

Christianity and Islam

What is the central commonality between Judaism Christianity and Islam?


What do Jews have to do with Chrisitanity?

The question should be " What does Christianity have to do with Jews (or Judaism)?" Judaism is like a tree where Christianity is its branch and Islam is it leaves. Christianity is based on Judaism and Islam is based on Christianity. The major difference between the three is that Judaism doesn't have jesus in it unlike Christianity and Islam.

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