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Transmission leaks occur for several reasons. Below you'll find more about the cause of those leaks, and some ways to stop them. The best way of all is to physically replace the leaking seals, but it is usually an expensive repair job.

Reason 1- Acid impregnates rubbery seals, and this causes seals to shrink, harden, and leak.

There is lots of sulfur in Transmission Fluid - and motor oil, for that matter. Some of the additives in those fluids are there to neutralize acids that form; from humidity that collects in among the fluid and oils. Moisture, plus sulfur, plus heat makes sulfuric acid - which, with heat tightens the rubbery stuff in seals - causing the leak.

Reason 2- Seal hardening wears a grove in the shaft it is surrounding. This causes a space for fluid to leak out.

Those are the two reasons and causes of engine, transmission, a/c compressors, water pumps, axles, and Power Steering seal leaks.

Most Stop leaks work because the solvent - in the additive swells the seal, and the leak stops. The swelling may not stop!

There are two bad things with solvents in any fluid or oil:

1- They make the seal gummy and weak. This often restarts the leak as the seal

disintegrates - or the solvent evaporates - and shrinking occurs again. There are

internal seals - in engines, transmissions and power steering units. It is not a good ideal to make those seals spongy. They need to be tough.

2- Solvents destroy lubricity. This increases friction and friction drag - and triples the

wear out speed. That does not sound to good for the engine or transmission to

me! Those are reasons why you should not trust solvent-type stop leaks. You can tell they are solvents by the look of being clear, and very watery - not oily.

Better Stop leaks.

Several companies make good 'stop leak' products that do not contain solvents. They work by neutralizing acids and by an ingredient called a friction modifier. These ingredients produce a controlled swell and stop seal and gasket leaks permanently.

Friction Modifiers also condition piston, bearing, valves, and gear surfaces by changing them from wear-roughen, and fast wearing, to smooth and slow wearing. That's good!

Some people have used a brand of stop leaks is not a solvent and also contains friction modifiers. They have a beneficial lubricating value to restore a seals elasticity. You can learn more about products to stop steering, coolant, engine, transmission, and axle leaks at the Related link shown below.

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Would having a leak in the transmission pan big leak stop the car from driving if all trans fluid was gone?

The transmission will not work without fluid.

Why would my 2005 Dodge Dakota transmission stop pulling all of the sudden?

There could be a transmission fluid leak. Check the seals. They may be loose or worn out.

97 Jeep Cherokee 8-cylinder automatic transmission fluid leak appears to be at front will a stop leak swell the seals and stop the leak?

depends how bad it is. most stop leaks are nothing more than brake fluid. old mechanics trick. ngz

What do I do with transmission fluid issues in my car?

First make sure it actually is a problem with the fluid by looking for things such as a puddle of fluid coming from your car, then assess the seriousness of the leak by how much came out, if minor use stop-leak and pour it directly down the tube.

What is the copper in your radiator fluid?

stop leak

How much would it cost to fix a transmission fluid leak?

Depends on where it is leaking. If it is leaking at the pan gasket, then try tightening the bolts to 20 lb/ft torque. If that doesn't work the gasket will need replacing. This is a good time to have the fluid and filter changed. If it is leaking at the seals then you can try a can of some sort of transmission stop leak. Any Auto Parts store can recommend one. May or may not stop the leak. If the leak persists and is more than a few drops a day, the transmission will need repair by a pro.

Do the products used to stop transmission leaks wor?

Generally, no. However. Sometimes the transmission "stop leak" products may allow you to get just a little more service out of a transmission, depending on the type of leak. Most transmission leaks are internal, and cause shifting problems, primarily slipping. When a transmission leaks internally, the hydraulic pressure is reduced and clutches do not properly engage. Stop leak formulas can reduce those problems and at least temporarily, restore most of the internal hydraulic pressure; but the transmission will not last long. In the process of reducing the leak, the internal seals are softened, causing them to wear out quickly. If your transmission is experiencing leaking to the outside through a seal, the results are less promising. External seals, those which prevent fluid from escaping to the outside of the transmission, fail quickly when you use a stop leak formula, and they do not usually result in leak reduction. External seal leaks are usually caused by a split or crack in the seal and stop leak formulas do not help with that. If the leak is caused by a loose or poorly fitting gasket, stop leak formulas do not help at all.

How do you stop a fluid leak from the rear of a transmission on a 2000 Chevy blazer?

change ur rear differential gasket or ur transfer case is leaking

Is there something you can add to the transmission to stop it from leaking?

No, thay have never made anything in a can that will fix something. If you add stop leak to your transmission it will mess up the seals and you will have to have the transmission rebuilt. It would be best to just fix the leak and a whole lot cheaper.

Will it cause damage to my transmission if I put power steering stop leak in it?

Why would you put power steering stop leak in an automatic transmission in the first place? You obviously don't know what you are doing. Take it to a professional!

Add transmission sealant to a 2000 Chrysler sebring?

Any stop leak additive is always a bad idea. If you do add it, make sure the fluid level is correct when done.

Why does car jerk when you accelerate from a stop?

low transmission fluid clogged fluid filter

What do you do to stop the leak in a 1997 F150 transmission?

look for the leak and repair it . I would do that before i thought about buying a new tranny.

What kind of sealant should be used to seal a 1989 Nissan Sentra transmission leak?

It depends on the size of the leak and where it is. If it is a small leak around the rear seal of the transmission you might try transmission stop leak of some kind. You can purchase these at Wal-Mart or any auto parts store.

Why would transmission fluid leak from a 2003 Kia Sedona?

The local Kia dealership located a leak at the top plug (transmission fluid visible on top of the transmission directly below the place where you add brake fluid) on my 2003 Kia Spectra. They charged me $92 for the full diagnostic test to determine where the leak is. This model is somewhat similar but not identical to Sedona. They cannot repair the leak (not serviceable without replacing the transmission with a rebuilt unit) so I am proposing to use alternate methods to stop the leak (leak sealer added to fluid to recondition the hardened seals and other attempts to seal up an area around the seal to "reduce" but not completely stop the leak because vehicle is no longer worth $1600 repair. Your Sedona may be leaking from the pan gasket (relatively inexpensive to replace gasket and you should first slightly tighten pan bolts) OR from the drain plug (rarely) or from the front or rear seal (both replacements for these are expensive). My car, when purchased brande new, had a defective transmission and had to be replaced along with torque converter with rebuilt transmission (no new ones available) and I was unable to persuade the dealer to locate a new transmission instead. My hunch that I would experience more problems was correct. I have 155,000 miles on the vehicle. --Update 7/26/2012. I was able to keep treating the transmission with leak sealer and had 197,000 miles on the vehicle before it was wrecked by my daughter when she attempted to avoid hitting a deer (nobody hurt). The transmission continued to function normally despite the leak.

Your 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport sputters after leaving a stop or sometimes idles very rough?

Perhaps you have a leak in your transmission. Check the transmission fluid while the car is running. DO NOT check any other fluids while the engine is running.

How do you stop antifreeze from getting in your transmission?

A/T have a fluid line that runs through the cooling radiator of your car. My best guess is this tube is cracked inside your radiator. The radiator will needs to be replaced. I am not sure, but I believe that automatic transmissions often use engine coolant for cooling, and I suspect that there is a leak in the transmission. Transmission fluid cooling radiators are separate from the engine radiator, and transmission fluid is pumped through them by a pump. They usually are not stock items, but have to be added on. You probably should take the vehicle to a transmission shop, and have them check it out. Coolant will dilute the transmission fluid, and possibly corrode the transmission parts.

How to Stop a power stearing leak?

The only way to stop a power steering leak effectively is to located and repair the leak. This most often occurs at the seals which break down over time and allow fluid to pass by.

Is it okay to put brake fluid in your transmission to stop a leak?

No!Transmissions use transmission fluid, which has a very different specification of oils and chemical additives to brake fluid. It is also quite different to engine oil.Brake fluids should ONLY be used for braking systems. As there are at least two different kinds of brake fluid, it is important to use the right kind for your vehicle's brakes!Engine oils should ONLY be used for engines. As there are many different kinds of engine oil, it is important to use the right kind for your vehicle's engine!If you have a leak in your transmission (meaning Gear box? Propeller shaft? Differential?) you must first flush out the old fluid - which may be contaminated with dirt from being "open" to dirt flung up from the road - then be sure to get the leak fixed before you re-fill with the right kind of transmission fluid for your vehicle.

Will power steering stop leak harm the transmission?

No. The power steering is in no way associated with the transmission. If it runs low, your steering will get stiffer and you might ruin your power steering pump (making steering very stiff.) It will harm the trans if you add it to the trans fluid.

How do you stop my standard transmission from grinding going into third gear?

To stop a standard transmission from grinding into third gear, check the level of the transmission fluid. If the noise continues, consult a mechanic.

1989 Ford Ranger and you have to rev the engine when you are at a stop and then it will move is it your transmission slipping?

check the transmission fluid first

Why does my 2001 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L have Black Radiator Fluid?

Most of the "stop leak" products turn your antifreeze black. It's very likely someone used stop leak in your car.

Can you replace power steering fluid with some substitute to prevent end seal leak?

Have you tried STP brand stop leak for Power Steering!

Is it safe to drive car with a transmission fluid leak?

Yes! Just make sure you don't let the level get below minimum on the dipstick. Check the dipstick while the car is running weekly or daily depending on how much you drive. My truck has been leaking for 10 years. Also, adding a good quality "Stop leak" additive actually helps. It won't stop the leak but it will slow it down.