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Q: Is there a list of 1st Cavalry veterans of the Vietnam War in 1969?
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Is there a list of Vietnam era veterans?

where can i find a list of vietnam era veterans at

List of vietnam war veterans in US?

A list of deceased Vietnam War veterans in the US can be found on the Vietnam Veteran's memorial. You can also find this type of list by contacting the VA in your area.

Is there a list of Purple Heart veterans from Vietnam?

No such comprehensive list exists.

Is there a list of veterans of the Vietnam War?

There are over 2 1/2 million names.There seem to be several websites that list Vietnam veterans, but you have to subscribe to them and pay a fee.

Is there a website that lists the names of Vietnam era veterans by state?

The names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall website, will also list their home states.

List of purple heart recipients from Indiana?

Check with VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) or VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), or AMVETS (American Veterans). Or on line, Indiana casualties from the Vietnam War.

Who is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall?

See the related links for an alphabetically categorized list of all the names (58,166 names) engraved into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Is there a list of pennsYlvania Vietnam veterans?

PA sacrificed 3,144 men in Vietnam. PA no doubt has their names listed.

Is there a list of decorated veterans of the Vietnam War?

No, there is no"list"of everyone that was decorated during this time period. It would be thousands and thousands of names if there were such a list.

Is there a list of pa Vietnam veterans?

Just their dead. PA sacrificed 3,144 men to the war.

Is there a list of navy pilots shot down during the Vietnam war?

Contact Veterans administration.

How do you find out who was killed in the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, website, will list name, rank, home state, branch of service, and age.

What is a 60's music list?

Servicemen returning home from Vietnam were often given a "dirty look" of disgust, or had a "smart remark" made to them. Many returning veterans would NOT tell people that they were veterans of the Vietnam War.

Was Dario Guerra killed in the Vietnam War?

Check the site of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, it will list the name, rank, age, home of record, branch of service, and date of death.

Is their a list of Vietnam survivors?

There is no such list.

Where can you find a list of names of solder's who died in Vietnam?

The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall is the list.

Donations to Vietnam veterans of America what do they do with it?

These organizations might have to publish what they spend funds on (to show their members). So it might be wise to look at their published magazines (which most of them have) and see what they list as expenditures.

Who are some courageous people from the Vietnam War?

The list is endless, but heres one sample: Colonel George S. Patton Jr. (son of WII General Patton) commander of the Black Horse Regiment 11th ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment) in South Vietnam 1968.

How can you find list of name of veterans who served in Vietnam?

The short version is that you probably can't. Some people would be excluded as classified. Others will be in various branches of service. And then you have to define what constitutes as serving in Vietnam. What about service men in Korea, Cambodia, or Laos? While not technically inside the borders of Vietnam, they were still often part of the conflict.

Is there a list of wounded Marines in Vietnam?

Sadly enough no one has compiled a list of servicemen who were wounded in Vietnam is available currently

List of Silver Star winners in Vietnam?

No such list exists.

List of Vietnam Purple Heart Recipients?

No such list exists.

List of holders of Bronze Star from Vietnam?

No such list exists.

How can you find a list of names of veterans that served in World War 1?

Contact Veterans Affairs or the American Legion.

What effect did the Vietnam War have on U.S. troops and can you please list any sources.?

Discrimination against US Viet War Veterans was widespread. The best source would be looking at the US Anti-discrimination law that was passed in about 1974 that specifically protected Vietnam veterans from discrimination. Federal laws are passed for a reason. If Viet Vets weren't discriminated against; there would not have been a reason for passing such a law.