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Quite possibly, since the increase of communications and data collection has improved, the time frames have been condensed and the numbers of units and people have been compressed, information of this type is available in a datatbase somewhere. It simply hasn't been put together and made available to the public at this time.

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Q: Is there a list of Bronze Star recipients from Operation Iraqi Freedom?
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What date did Operation Iraqi Freedom begin?

March 19, 2003 was the date that "Operation Iraqi Freedom Began".

What were the main goals of operation Iraqi Freedom?

The main goal of Operation Iraqi Freedom was to find weapons of mass destruction.

What is the actual date they changed operation Iraqi freedom to operation enduring freedom?

They're two different things. Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) is obviously the war in Iraq. Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) is the war in Afghanistan.

What is the acronym for Operation Iraqi Freedom?

OIF! OEF Operation Enduring Freedom is in Afghanistan.

Operation NEW DAWN is the successor to Operation?

iraqi freedom

What is the effect of the war operation Iraqi freedom?

Operation Iraqi Freedom has degenerated into a police action in which law, order, and stability has been the primary objective.

What country is America in war with currently?

Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan).

What is the war the United States is in now called?

Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom

What is the official name of the current military exrcusion in Iraq?

The official name is Operation Iraqi Freedom. Within the military, there are further subclassifications but they are all variations of "Operation Iraqi Freedom". For example, when a soldier receives an award, the citaiton will read "for actions while servinig in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom...."

Numbers of campaigns for operation Iraqi freedom?


What wars is the US of America involved in now in 2010?

Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom

How many wars is the US involved in toady?

Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

What are the release dates for Dateline NBC - 1992 Operation Iraqi Freedom?

Dateline NBC - 1992 Operation Iraqi Freedom was released on: USA: 9 April 2003

What is the other name for Iraq war?

Operation Iraqi Freedom.

How do you spell operation Iraqi freedom in Arabic?

Harry Potter

What was the 2003 invasion on Iraq called?

operation iraqi freedom

What was the result of Operation Iraqi Freedom?

Operation Iraqi Freedom resulted in the end of the Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein by the coalition led by the United States of America. An interim government, an elected parliament, and Leader assumed authority over this new democracy. Operation Iraqi Freedom lasted from 20 March 2003 until 15 December 2011.

Where are American soldiers fighting today?

Operation Iraqi Freedom, since 2003; Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan, since 2001.

When was Operation Iraqi Freedom?

It began in March 2003 and is still going.

What is the last day of operation Iraqi freedom?

31 August 2010

Who led American troops in Operation Iraqi Freedom?

George Bush

What was the reason for operation Iraqi freedom?

To remove Saddam from power, which was done.

Is the United States at war in 2009?

The US is conducting the Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan with the United Nations Forces.

Why are you pro for operation Iraqi freedom headed by US of America?

because a respondent want a freedom for Iraq

What year did America join the Iraqi war?

Operation Iraqi Freedom; 2003. March 20th 2003

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