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where can i find a list of Vietnam era veterans at

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Is there a website that lists the names of Vietnam era veterans by state?

The names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall website, will also list their home states.

List of vietnam war veterans in US?

A list of deceased Vietnam War veterans in the US can be found on the Vietnam Veteran's memorial. You can also find this type of list by contacting the VA in your area.

Where is the Canby Vietnam Era Veterans Memorial in Canby Oregon located?

The address of the Canby Vietnam Era Veterans Memorial is: 113 Nw 3Rd Ave, Canby, OR 97013-3701

Is there a list of veterans of the Vietnam War?

There are over 2 1/2 million names.There seem to be several websites that list Vietnam veterans, but you have to subscribe to them and pay a fee.

How were World War 2 veterans and Vietnam veterans treated differently when returning home?

Treatment of Returning VeteransWW2 veterans were respected by the public, Vietnam veterans and were looked down upon by the public, mostly because the media was where it shouldn't have been. Untill several years latter of course, now the veterans of Vietnam are respected as well WW2 Veterans were greated with parades. Vietnam Veterans as well as Vietnam Era Veterans were spat at and called 'baby killers'.

What is the total number of vietnam war veterans in the us?

In 2004, there were 8.5 million Vietnam era veterans in the United States. Of that number, 2.59 million actually served in Vietnam itself.

List of purple heart recipients from Indiana?

Check with VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) or VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars), or AMVETS (American Veterans). Or on line, Indiana casualties from the Vietnam War.

Who is on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall?

See the related links for an alphabetically categorized list of all the names (58,166 names) engraved into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Is there a list of pennsYlvania Vietnam veterans?

PA sacrificed 3,144 men in Vietnam. PA no doubt has their names listed.

When was The Vietnam Veterans created?

The Vietnam Veterans was created in 1982.

What is the name of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

The official name of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is as the question already implies; The Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act of 1974?

The law requires that employers with Federal contracts or subcontracts of $25,000 or more provide equal opportunity and affirmative action for Vietnam era veterans, special disabled veterans, and veterans who served on active duty during a war or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge has been authorized . ~ see related link below .

When did the Vietnam veterans get their rights?

What are you talking about? Vietnam veterans always had rights.

Is there a list of decorated veterans of the Vietnam War?

No, there is no"list"of everyone that was decorated during this time period. It would be thousands and thousands of names if there were such a list.

Why was the term Vietnam era used to classify veterans of the Vietnam war?

To differentiate those who served during the Viet nam war but were not in the war theater

Are Thailand veteran's considered Vietnam veterans?

Thailand sent men to fight in Vietnam; they are Vietnam veterans.

Is there a list of pa Vietnam veterans?

Just their dead. PA sacrificed 3,144 men to the war.

How were the Vietnam veterans honored?

They built their own Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

How many Vietnam veterans are there?

There should be less than 3,403,100 Vietnam veterans.

When was Vietnam Veterans of America created?

Vietnam Veterans of America was created in 1978.

How can you honor Vietnam veterans on Veterans Day?

You can honor Vietnam veterans in the same ways you do veterans from any wars. You can tell them thank-you for their service and for fighting for you.

Who is the designer of Vietnam veterans memorial?

The designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is Maya Lin.

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