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No, there is not a specific list of the hundreds of thousands of sailors that served in the Pacific Theater. Information may be obtained through the military and the National Archives. Link provided but you must be the veteran or the next of kin. evetrecs will not accept application 180 without exact service number and exact date of discharge [ss# unacceptable] from next of kin[son]

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How many casualties did the US Army incur in the Pacific theater during WW2?

He was an important US military leader during World War 2. He served in the Pacific Theater of Operations.

You are thinking of the Pacific Theater or PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations). It is the U.S. versing the Japanese.

The "Pacific War", is the PACIFIC THEATER of World War II. The other theaters of WWII were, the European Theater, and the CBI (China, Burma, India) Theater.

As far as I know other then a list of every unit which served in the Pacific unit there would be no such list. To obtain a list of all units having credit for serving in the Pacific Theater would be a large task. There were many, many army units and sub units attached to specific divisions and air force units ( they,during WW2 were the US Army Air Force) with all their supporting units. Engineers Battalions, and so on. Far to numerous to list.

The European Theater and the Pacific Theater.

Strategic Command WWII Pacific Theater was created in 2008.

No. he was in charge of the European theater in WW2. MacArthur was in charge of the Pacific theater.

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz was CINCPAC (Commander in Chief Pacific) from just after the Pearl Harbor attack, throughout the rest of the war. Nimitz wore two hats - he was the head of the US Navy in the Pacific, and, he was a Theater Commander. The Pacific was divided into two Theaters of Operations. The Central Pacific theater, and all Allied personnel in it, were under Nimitz. Army General Douglas MacArthur commanded the Southwest Pacific Theater of Operations, and all Allied personnel there. From time to time Nimitz had army troops under his command, in his role as Theater Commander. Similarly, a few times MacArthur had Marines (which are a part of the US Navy) and always had some naval forces under his control.

Two theaters of WW2 were the European theater and the Pacific theater.

The pacific theater of operations in WWII was a much more savage fighting theater than the European. Thousands of crack Japanese troops fought to the death on the small Pacific island that the United States invaded using island hoping. The European theater was mainly a traditional war fought on a wide front and was fought in Europe instead of the Pacific.

Pacific Theater of Operations

Compared to fighting in Europe, the United States suffered what disadvantage in the Pacific Theater during World War II?

It was a world war because it involved all the worlds superpowers and was fought throughout the world eg. Western and Eastern European theater, North African theater, Pacific theater etc.

In the Pacific theater: Tokyo Rose.

The bloodiest battle in the Pacific theater during World War 2 was the battle for Luzon in the Philippines. It is estimated that there were between 332,000 and 345,000 casualties.

The Pacific Theater, where the US fought Japan and the European theater the war, the war with European countries in the second world war

The two most fought theaters in World War 2 were: -European Theater -Pacific Theater Also, the Russian Theater is probley third.

The Pacific was divided into two theaters, largely because after MacArthur escaped from the Philippines something had to be done to give him a command appropriate to his prestige. So the Southwest Pacific Theater was carved out for this purpose. Admiral Chester Nimitz commanded the Central Pacific Theater.

The key cause of WW2 in the Pacific Theater was that Japan Bombed Pearl Harbor (USA) and the USA responded by declaring war onto Japan.

European Theater of Operations Basically the operations in Italy, France, Germany. The Pacific Theater of Operations refer to the operations in Pacific Ocean and the islands.

It is considered the Coral Sea, Wake and Battle of Midway was the turning point in favor of the Allied Forces in the Pacific Theater.

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