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Is there a list of men that received the silver star in Vietnam?

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There is a registry, but it is not a complete list.

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List of Silver Star winners in Vietnam?

No such list exists.

Is there a Silver star recepients list for Vietnam?

Try the "American War Library" and/or "Statistics about the Vietnam War."

Is there a list of silver star reciepients from Vietnam?

Try, "The American War Library."

Who has the most silver star medals?

Col. David Hackworth with 10 silver stars which he had received in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

How can you find who received the Silver Star for action during the Battle of the Bulge and why they received it?

No comprehensive list exists for recipients of a Silver Star Medal during the Battle of the Bulge.

Is there a by name list of individuals who received the Bronze Star in Vietnam?

Because of the large number of the Bronze Star Medal awarded, no single list exists

How man women received the Bronze Star medal?

Hundred and possibly thousands. There have even been two women who have received the Silver Star since the Vietnam War.

Did Paul Wierather win the Silver star in Vietnam?

Was Paul Wierather 564784701 awared the Silver Star in the Vietnam War

How do you find a list of Army Silver Star Winners in the Vietnam War?

No such list. You could make a pretty penny creating one. Records are available.

Is there a list of slver star winners in Vietnam?

Some recipients of the Silver Star from the Vietnam War are William Baird, Lester Barton, and Thomas Blagg. Others are Carlos Marques, Donald Martin, and James Mathis.

List of holders of Bronze Star from Vietnam?

No such list exists.

Is there a list of Air Force Silver Star recipients of the Vietnam era?

Inquire with, "The American War Library", they might be able to help.

Is there a list of medal winners from the Vietnam War era?

Medal of Honor? Distingushed Fyling Cross? Silver Star? Bronze Star? Purple Heart? What medal are you wanting to know about?

Is there a list of Silver Star recipients from Pennsylvania?

No such complete and comprehensive list exists at least for the Vietnam War and before. The advent of the computer has made the tabulation of such data routine today.

Find list Silver Star winners?

There is no such list.

Did Reinhard J. Dearing receive the silver star?

Yes he did, he also received the Bronze Star and 3 Purple Hearts while serving 2 tours of duty in Vietnam.

Who are the Silver and Bronze Star winners from Arkansas?

No list of Silver Star and Bronze Star winners was ever compiled.

How do you find a list of Silver Star winners in the Vietnam War?

I am a Silver Star winner from the Vietnam War. It is on 1st Aviation Brigade, APO San Francisco 96307. General Orders Number 2554 Dated 14 June 1967 Date of action: 31 January 1967 This is not so much a improvement but a extention of above. Most units have web sites and list Silver Star recipients. As I was with the 173rd AIB and the 11th ACR, both have list of MOH,DSC and Silver Stars awarded.Names, rank and dates are provided. Bronze Stars and Purple Hearts were so numerous, it was decided not efficient to list.

Which awards did Major Winters receive?

This is not a comprehensive list, but he received the Silver Star Medal for the attack on the artillery battery at Carentan on Normandy. And he received a Purple Heart Medal.

How can you find silver star winners for Vietnam era?

Fort starters try: Statistics about the Vietnam War.

Who are the reciiants of the silver star in Vietnam?

See if the: "American War Library"; and "Statistics of the Vietnam War" can be of help.

Is there a way to find Vietnam silver star winners?

Try "American War Library" and "Statistics About the Vietnam War."

Silver Star winners?

No comprehensive list exists.

List of Vietnam Conflict Bronze Star recipients?

Because of the very large numbers of Bronze Star Medals awarded, no single list exists.

Is there a standardized list of Silver Star recipients from World War 2?

No such list exists.

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