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No such list exists.

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Q: Is there a list of people that were enlisted in World War 2?
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How many people from Georgia enlisted in the military in World War 2?


How many Canadian enlisted for world war 1?

Around 600000 enlisted.

How many Marines enlisted during World War 2?

Not sure but I know that alot of people enlisted in the Marine Corps after Pearl Harbor because alot of people were pissed off.

How many men volentarily enlisted for England during World War 1?

2 million enlisted to fight for the war in 1914.

What is a sentence for the word enlisted?

You have enlisted my help in creating a sentence using the word enlisted. When the US entered World War II, many young men enlisted in the armed forces.

How many Canadians enlisted in the Canadian army in World War 1?

Over 600,000 Canadians enlisted in WW1.

Where did the US get soldiers for World War 2?

draft or enlisted

Where did the Australians go after they enlisted in World War 1?


How many Australians enlisted in World War one?


How many people enlisted to fight in World War 2?

In the US it was about 6,332,000 or 38 percent of the Armed Forces.100,000 :|]

How many native canadians enlisted in world war 1?


How were soldiers enlisted and went to World War 1?

1 soldier

How many Canadians enlisted in world war 2 per year Also please list the source where you got it from?

if you find it please post, im doing an essay on it also

How many Australians enlisted in the armed forces in World War 2?

About a million.

Why did men enlist for world war 2?

Men enlisted in war because they were interested in serving their counrty in time of war.

List the causes of World War I?

create a list of the cause of the world war 1

How many people went to World War 1 from Australia?

416 000 were enlisted from Australia,but only 329 000 of these actually were sent overseas.

Was bob barker in World War II?

He served, but never made it to combat as the war ended soon after he enlisted.

What was the ranking system for enlisted men in the Army during World War 1?

Your mumma

What were the diseases that the enlisted soldiers of Australia experienced during World War 1?


How many women enlisted in the Armed Forces during World War 2?


What was the black group in Europe in World War 1?

World War I was only truly considered a world war because European countries relied on their colonies and its people to support the war. Colonial peoples were enlisted in the army and fought in battles in Europe. They were referred to as 'Boots' by the Germans because of their dark skin.

Did people in the border states fight in the civil war?

Yes they did. They enlisted in both armies.

How many people enlisted in World war 1?

if you are asking how many volenteared then the answer is 500,000 (half a million) and that was 5 times as many as the government had expected at first.

How many Americans were enlisted in the military during World War 2?

over 16 million