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The codes and zoning laws vary from community to community. You would have to go to the local web site and look them up for that community. Most now have their zoning rules available on line, along with full instructions on how to get permits and variances. There are other variables such as if there is public sewers or if there has to be a septic tank.

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Q: Is there a list of zoning laws and codes that show how much land is needed for a mobile home?
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Can you put a mobile home on private property in the state of Illinois?

It depends on whether or not local zoning / building codes permit them.

Can I buy a brand new mobile home from a factory and place on land I own in San Jose California?

It depends on local zoning law. The home would also need to meet local building codes, which may or may not be the case for a generic mobile home.

I have a Plot of land can you put a mobile home on it?

It depends. Do you have a mobile home?Ans 2 - It depends on LOCAL authority. Zoning and building regulations.

Many home owners do not know about the zoning restrictions in their area. ?

Many home owners do not know about the zoning restrictions in their area.

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Anything is possible. Just make sure it is done according to local codes.

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2 ton

What paperwork is needed to give a mobile home as gift in Illinois?

You would have to ask a Notary in Illinois for the exact details about this.

What is RSM9 Zoning definition?

In Sarasota County, FL, RSM9 zoning allows for a two-story home and attached garage, possibly with an apartment above.

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what is a mobile home grant?

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