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Is there a machine that can convert CDs to cassette tapes?


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2007-09-05 19:56:16
2007-09-05 19:56:16
Yes! Connect output of a CD player to the input of a Cassette Recorder, with RF cables. Most any cassette recorder will do the job, but if you have access to a mixer, even better.
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The compact disc player, or CD player. I remember back when cassette tapes were still relevant, and the CDs took over!

Audiobooks can come as CDs, cassette tapes, or as downloadable digital files (usually mp3).

You can buy dubbing cassette decks and they'll work well for converting CDs to cassettes.

You need a cassette player, turntable and receiver. The output (CD/Tape/Aux) from the receiver will have to be adapted to mini-pin. The article and video link below will help get you started. Hope this helps.

8-Track Tapes and Cassette Tapes were in between Vinyl and CDs. So there was no real transition from Vinyl to CD. Vinyls have never stopped being produced.

an electronic item that plays cassette tapes. A "tape deck" is a device used to play cassette or 8-track tapes. They are fairly obsolete now, but until CDs became the rage, tapes were used regularly. There were also 4 track tape decks. Magnovox was a leader in producing tape decks. You would get them installed in your car just as you would CD players.

cassette tapes8 track tapesreel to reel tapesvinyl records (e.g. 78 RPM, 45 RPM, 33 RPM, 16 RPM)shellac on glass records (about 78 RPM)Edison wax cylinder recordsetc.

The Singing Machine STVG535 can either be hooked up to the computer or can take CDs.

for the front, just slide it in the slot, for the changer, press the eject buttong and the CD holder ("cassette") will come out. Put the cds in the cassette and put the cassette back in the changer

cds, tapes, harddrives, flash sticks

external storage devices are : punched cards cassette tapes floppy disks Zip disks CDs DVDs microforms memory cards memory spot chips memory sticks hard drive

Cassette tapes and floppy discs (not CDs) store information by changing the magnetic field on small portions of the tape. Placing a magnet near them for a short time can corrupt or delete the data; this also applies for computer hard-drives and some other storage devices.

she likes tapes and cds beacause when i saw her i taped my dick to her forehead so she could cds nuts

If you are talking about vinyl as in someone saying "I love that song, I have it on vinyl", then it is a record pressed on a vinyl material. It is also called an album or an LP (long playing). Vinyl records stopped being produced after the invention of 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, CDs and DVDs. They can still be played today on a record player or turntable attached to the stereo system.

You dont download songs into your kareoke machine you put in cds to play for you! Look for kareoke cds!:)

Welcome to the 21st century.Just in case you missed the memo, audio cassette tapes have gone the way of the Deloreon and Jane Fonda workout videos. While these were popular in the 1980s, they have all but disappeared from the American landscape. Rather than throwing away your cassette collection, convert it to CDs for playing in car CD players or for downloading onto your mp3 player. While you do not have to be a complete tech junky to accomplish this, you will need basic computer skills.What do I need?The materials needed to convert your audio tapes to CD is simple. You only need a cassette player, computer with a CD burner, blank CD-RWs or CD-Rs, a two-way mini-jack to go between the headphone input on your tape player and the microphone input on your computer and a software audio-capture program like Audacity. These materials are readily available from electronics stores, but audio capture programs can be found for download on the Internet. Some of these are free programs, like Audacity. Download programs from the Internet before beginning.What's the difference between CD-Rs and CD-RWs? You can erase and rewrite files on a CD-RW, but you can't with a CD-R. Move your musicTo convert your cassettes to CDs, put the cassette into your player. Insert one end of the cable into the headphone input on the cassette player and the opposite end into the microphone input on your computer. Insert a CD into your computer CD burner. Start up your audio capture program and follow the instructions given for when to start the cassette player and beginning recording. Depending on the program you are using, you might need to convert the music captured from the cassette to an mp3 file for downloading onto an iPod or mp3 player. The process is as simple as that.

Because CDs are better than tapes (for a multitude of reasons). Before CDs, manufacttureres could sell tapes at high prices because there was no better alternative. However when CDs were invented, if taped had stayed at the same inflated prices, nobody would have bought them, so the price had to come down or manufacturers would have loads of tapes priced really high, competing with (better) CDs.

Yes,they're widely available.JVC sells a model that plays mp3s,cds and cassette so you can play most of your collection on it.

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@ MUSIC PUBLISHERS if you publish music, you make it known to the public by having it printed in an official document. @ RECORDING INDUSTRY this industry records published music in cassette tapes or CDs. @RECORD PRODUCTION COMPANIES these companies produce,distribute, and market recorded music.

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A cassette adapter allows you to use an old tape player to play newer media like CDs and MP3s. This is particularly useful for car stereo systems in older cars.

you can use the Coby CA-747 Dual Position CD/MD/MP3 Cassette Adapter to play your CD's thru your tape deck

Yes, shed loads full of them. Try for tracklists and other information

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