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Persons in other professions who may work with pharmaceutical compounds include biological scientists, medical scientists, and chemists and materials scientists. Increasingly, pharmacists are involved in patient care and therapy, work that they have in common with physicians and surgeons.

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Is being a pharmacist make a good living?

pharmacists are very highly paid but to become a pharmacist not only do you have to train for several years in pharmaceuticals but you also have to have very good business knowledge to be able to run the pharmacy.

Is being a pharmacist boring?

No. No it is true to say that being a pharmacist is boring.

What are jobs for pharmacist?

Being a pharmacist. Also drug research and development.

The Different Types of Pharmaceuticals Jobs?

When people think about pharmaceuticals jobs, they instantly have an image of a person in a white lab coat amongst a wall of confusing bottles of medication. If you want to get into the pharmaceuticals industry, then you need to get an introduction to all of the different kinds of jobs available in the field. Before you can set out to get the proper pharmaceuticals education, you first need to know what your career options are and what is expected of you.PharmacistThe pharmacist is the one that walks around in the lab coat and has to decipher the wall of confusing medication bottles. It is a long process to becoming a certified pharmacist, but it can be a rewarding and lucrative career when your training is done.The education process to become a pharmacist is very similar to that of a general practitioner physician. The pharmacist needs to know how to treat diseases and what the various medications do so that she can discuss patient needs with the doctor and point out problems with any prescriptions. Once the schooling is over there is still the internship period before the pharmacist can be fully certified.Pharmaceutical AssistantJust like a doctor needs a nurse, a pharmacist needs a pharmaceutical assistant. Just like a nurse, a pharmaceutical assistant has very precise training but it is not nearly as comprehensive as the training a pharmacist goes through. In the end, the pharmaceutical assistant is the perfect job for someone that wants to get into the pharmaceutical field but does not want to take on the additional responsibilities of medication confirmation and physician consultation that a pharmacist has to attend to.Pharmaceutical SalesIf you want to get into the pharmaceutical industry but you prefer working out in the field, then you need to get into pharmaceutical sales. A sales person spends all day talking to doctors about the latest medication and trying to get doctors to prescribe certain medications in the appropriate situations. It offers the satisfaction of being in the pharmaceuticals field but also the excitement of being in sales.The pharmaceutical field has several different jobs that can appeal to a wide range of people. If you want to get into the business of helping people get healthy but do not want to be a physician, then look into a pharmaceuticals job.

What are benefits for being a pharmacist?


Descripition of being pharmacist?

to make medcines

What is pharmaceutical legislation?

pharmaceutical legislation are laws related to pharmacy profession,pharmacist,drug,cosmetics,practices & substances affecting health of human being & animals.

Who is to K'NAAN married?

to a pharmacist named Deqa, she is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen. I am not related but I know them since they were young in different worlds. Mohamed

What would your salary be if you were a pharmacist with a associate's degree?


What age can you retire from being a pharmacist?

after 60 years.

What is the maximum salary you can expect from being a pharmacist?


What are the fringe benefits of being a pharmacist?

free drugs

What are the benefits of being a pharmacist?

as a pharmacist you can feel good that you gave some one medicine that can improve their lives our if keep them A&W

How much does a pharmacist gets paid hourly?

The middle 50 percent earned between $83,180 and $108,140 a year for being a pharmacist

What are facts about being a pharmacist?

For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (U.S. Department of Labor) indicated directly below this answer section.

What does science have to do with being a Pharmacist?

science links to pharmsist because there are ment to

What is the best degree to pursue after being in the military?

Master of Arts

Do you have to finish high school to be a pharmacist?

High school and College and Pharmacy School. Becoming a licensed pharmacist requires almost as much education as being a doctor.

How much does a Pharmacist make a year?

around a hundred thousand per year. --also depending which state u are a pharmacist in, and years of being at a company can vary your salary as a pharmacist. up north usually gets paid more

Can a pharmacy tech be in a pharmacy without the pharmacist present?

Just being "in" the pharmacy isn't a violation. Dispensing prescription meds without a pharmacist present is against the law.

What is a typical day for a pharmacist?

One day in the life of a pharmacist would be very tiring . Usually about 8-12 hours of work. Standing most of the time, a pharmacist tells patients what dosage of medicine to take. Pharmacist's mix drugs to make the right one for the patient. Being a pharmacist involves chemistry.

What tools or softwares needed while being a pharmacist?

rollin- small medicine divider

What are the Disadvantage of being a pharmacist?

you are on your feet all day and you have long hours o f work

How much money do you receive being a pharmacist?

Pharmacist is a difficult profession that requires lots of learning, because you will work with medicine and it is very important have skills. Wage is more than minimum, but depends on your degree.

Will I be able to get a job with a philosophy and religion degree?

You'll have two large areas of employment open to you, the first being work in a church environment. The second is in an academic field related to it if you pursue it far enough to teach or to assist in research.

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