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check out and they have stereos and installation kits for specific cars.

2005-07-13 04:53:19
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Q: Is there a make and model of CD player that fits a 2001 Toyota Corolla Ascent?
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Can a 1995 model Toyota Corolla be converted to EFI?

Can a 1995 model toyota corolla be converted to EFI?

Is Toyota Corolla and 1991 Toyota Coupe the same model?


How much does a Toyota Corolla weight?

Toyota Corolla does weights about (depends on a model and specs) 2,822 lbs or 1280 kilos.

Which is the top and fast moving model in toyota cars?

The best selling model was the Toyota Camry. The Corolla is also a big seller for Toyota.

Which car model has had the most sales in the world?

Toyota Corolla

Does a 2009 Toyota Corolla have a timing belt or chain?

The 1.8 liter four cylinder engine in a 2009 Toyota Corolla has a timing CHAIN ( and also the 2.4 liter in the Corolla XRS model )

Can you use a 2005 keyless remote for a Toyota Corolla on a 1995 model?

No you can not.

What is the name of Toyota 2011 model car?


How much weight a Toyota Corolla?

2855 pounds (2014 model)

Where is the fuel pump in a corolla xe?

The exact location of the fuel pump in your Toyota Corolla is dependent upon the year of the Corolla. Most model year Toyota Corolla fuel pumps were mounted on the front side of the gas tank.

Does a transmission from a Toyota corolla model 1992 work for a corolla 1991?

Yes, they both have the same engine, a 4A**

What are the best tires for corolla 2002?

The best tire size for your 2002 Toyota Corolla will depend on the model. For a 2002 Toyota Corolla CE, you will need P175/65R14 tires. For a 2002 Corolla LE and a 2002 Corolla S, you will need P185/65R14 tires.

How do you change oxygen sensor in 1992 Toyota Corolla?

How do you change oxygen sensor in 1992 Toyota corolla? Is there a model engine 4A-FE without a oxygen sensor?

Diagram of Toyota Corolla fan belt?

The diagram of the Toyota Corolla fan belt can be found in the model brochure. This brochure is available from the car manufacturer upon inquiry.

What safety rating does the Toyota Corolla car have?

The 2013 model of the Toyota Corolla has a good overall safety rating. It is not the safest car on the road but for a price it is a nice choice.

Which Toyota Corolla model is best?

Well, Toyota has designed many great models of Corolla. In that we can say that the best one is the Toyota Corolla 2018. This model is designed to experience thrilling driving. The powerful 1.6 and 2.0 liter engine which is also combined with the latest technology makes Corolla the most dazzling car. Corolla has 7 different variants. You can choose those by comparing each other's price.

What car has sold the most?

The Toyota Corolla is the worlds best selling model.

What is XLI and GLI in Toyota Corolla?

Xli and Gli are two trims of Toyota corolla, available in different countries, just like vvt-i.xli is a lower trim and gli is a higher and more expensive trim...when we say Toyota corolla xli are we talking about engine model or the car modelI have foundGLI= grand luxury injectionbut not XLI grand luxury injection

What is the best selling car model?

Toyota Corolla is the worlds best selling car.

What cars bolt pattern is 5x95?

I have a 2012 Toyota corolla base model it has this spacing.

Is 1993 Toyota Corolla a rear wheel drive?

No. Toyota changed the Corolla from rear to front wheel drive in 1983 for the 1984 Model year, with the exception of the SR5 Corolla, all other Trims and sub~models were Front WD

What is the best model of Toyota Corolla?

The AE86 it the best corolla car out there. There is an SR5 And a GTS. Fun and gas efficient. Year 1984-1987

2009 Corolla LE with the factory standard radio It is a double din Panasonic Model 86120-02750 What year model Corolla's will it fit?

2009-10 Toyota Corolla

What colors are available for the Toyota Corolla and are they available in all of the models?

Go to At the top of the page, choose Build Your Own Toyota You can then check out all the Corolla options, including the interior/exterior colors offered in each model.

Can you give me a diagram on 2E engine hoses connection for my Toyota corolla 1992 model?