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Is there a map sensor or an airflow sensor on a ford E150 econoline van or both?


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Yes there is a Map sensor.


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The intake air temp sensor and the mass airflow sensor both mount near the air filter.

I have a '95 E150 and a '96 E250, both are 4.9 straight 6 cyl. One has 1 O2 sensor and the other has 2, one on each half of the exhayst manifold. I believe the 96 has 2. but it is an E250, not sure about the '96 E150.

Most likely it will not. Because different engines use different amount of air to run. You might want to check the sensor number against eBay and see if people sale the same sensor for both models.

should have two holes on both sides where you put the radio removal tools

the cam angle sensor is the crank angle sensor it preforms both jobs

its the cam shaft sensor or the clutch sensor or both..

photoelectric sensor-sense both metal & non-metal proximity sensor -sense metal only

Those are both sensor boards.

there are two a turbine speed sensor and an output speed sensor both are located above the valve body.

Both o2 sensors are located on catalytic converter. Sensor closest to front of car is upstream sensor. Sensor closest to rr of car is downstream sensor.

If you unplug sensor and one or both fans come on.

cam sensor senses position of cam .coil sensor operates coilboth 2 entirely different parts of engine

On both the V6 and V8, the sensor is located in the plastic intake tube just infront of the MAF sensor. The intake sensor has a 2 wire connector.

It has both, The crank sensor is on the timing cover passenger side behind the balancer. The cam sensor is the distributor, Inside of it.

you dont!you just connect both the hoses together.and wear a gloves hat and a heavy jacket!

Ford (Econoline) and Chevrolet (Corvan) both introduced vans for the model year 1961. Dodge (A100) in 1964.

I took both sides off so now i cant put them back together the rear brakes

detector is only signal the pressure and sensor both signal the pressure and stimuli

It has both an up and a down stream oxygen sensor.

No Bank 1 is the passenger side of the engine in your Ford Expedition , Bank 2 is the drivers side Sensor 1 for both sides of the engine are before the catalytic converters ( upstream ) Sensor 2 for both sides of the engine are after the catalytic converters ( downstream )

Initial response is no - not likely.The mass airflow sensor (MAF) is involved in controlling the engine and how it runs. No reall direct involvement in "heat"...Second response - what kind of "heat problem"????No heat coming from the heater inside the car?Engine over-heating?Either way, we've got both of those possibilities covered in the "Related Questions" below.

Clean the mask holder sensor (both right & left sensor) ;,under the sensor small paper dust there..

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