Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Is there a maximum age limit to be hired as a TSA employee?

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No, there is no maximum age limit to become a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee. However, some jobs with the TSA require good physical and medical health which may cause problems for older employees applying to certain jobs.

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What is the age limit for being hired as a tsa employee?

The general minimum age for entering federal government service is 18 years of age. See the below link for detailed information.

When did the TSA limit liquids on airplanes?


What is the maximum age to become a TSA agent?

There is no maximum age to become a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent. There are many jobs in the TSA which has older employees. However, most jobs in the TSA requires that you pass a physical and medical exam which may be harder for older persons.

Is the TSA hiring felons?

yes, they have hired felons, along with approx. 503 TSA members that failed to disclose an arrest or conviction and approx 338 had financial or other disqualifying problems. Some 1,208 TSA members of the original 55,600 screener's were hired inappropriately, and have since been terminated for cause.

What is the cut off age for TSA employees?

There is no cut off age to become a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee. However, some jobs with the TSA require good physical and medical health which may cause problems for older employees applying to certain jobs.

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The cast of Tsa tsa tsaa - 1993 includes: Aake Kalliala as Various Jukka Puotila as Various

What is TSA stand for?

TSA is an abbreviation for a lot of things:Here is a list of TSA abbreviations on notably and on most peoples minds today, TSA stands for the Transportation Security Administration.

How do you join the TSA?

You can join the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by applying for a job online or go to an airport where TSA agents work. See the Related Links for a list of available jobs with the TSA.

Does tsa do felony checks on flights?

No. TSA is not a law enforcement agency.

Do the TSA combination lock on an Eminent case also have a key?

All the TSA locks have a key that is used only by the TSA to open the lock.

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tsa of cube is 6a2 (where 'a' is the length of one side of cube)...

When was TSA - band - created?

TSA - band - was created in 1979.

How much does a tsa barbell weigh?

a 7ft. olympic barbell made by TSA is 35lbs.

What does the TSA allow on carry-on bags on international flights?

check the tsa website at

What grows on tryptic soy agar?

TSA tests for bacteria. Therefore, bacteria grows on TSA.

What does TSA check for when you fly?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checks for explosives, weapons, and chemicals.

How do you find the TSA of a prism?

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Which computer case is TSA-approved?

Acer Computer AOD150-1577 is tsa approved.

Does the TSA check for parole violators in Mexico?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not work in Mexico or any other country besides the U.S. The TSA is solely a U.S. agency.

How can one apply for TSA jobs?

One can apply for TSA jobs by directly inquiring at a TSA location for an application or to speak to the manager. Speaking to the manager is often the best approach.

Do you qualify for pension working for the TSA?

Yes, you can qualify for pension for working with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). See the Related Links below for a full list of benefits of working with the TSA.

How many airports are managed by the TSA?

There are 450 U.S. airports which are managed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Will TSA find an outstanding felony warrant?

Normally TSA doesn't check for warrants, but the airlines themselves do.

What does the acronym TSA stand for?

The acronym TSA can have many definitions, depending upon the context. A definition that would be understood nationwide would be the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA is the overseeing agency for all transportation in the United States. Another common definition of the acronym TSA, as found in the financial field, is Tax Sheltered Annuity. There are over 130 recognized definitions of the acronym TSA.

Can you work on the weekends only part time for the TSA?

It is likely that you can work part time for the Transportation Security Adminstration (TSA) on the weekends only. See the Related Links for jobs available with the TSA.