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It is possible but many doctors will not do the procedure since it is highly unethical and they feel that they do not obtain the power to do that only God has that power to decide what he will bless a couple with even if they have to go through in vitro there are some circumstances where the doctor will do the procedure such as you have a genetic disorder in your family that only affects women or men talkt o your doctor about this if you have any further questions sorry i couldn't be of more help Good Luck and God Bless!!!

AnswerYes there is . But its expensive. It invovles separating the genes into each individual protein strain and identifing the x and y chromosomes . To do this enzymes are introduced to the sample and identified after the DNA of the specimen are "deconstructed". The DNA is is reinseminated with the new chromosone set and there is about a 99% certainty of the sex. Start saving though its mega bucks. AnswerThis process can be a way for a couple with an x-linked genetic disorder to have a biological child without the risk of having a child with that disease. I don't know how likely it is that you'd find a fertility specialist who would do sso for sex selection without a medical necessity.
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Q: Is there a medical procedure that makes it possible to choose male or female sperm to fertilize the egg If so what does it involve?
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