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If the person lacks feelings/empathy, along with other symptoms, it is possible that they are a sociopath

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Q: Is there a mental illness in which the person lies and has to be in total control of everyone?
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Is mental illness a likely outcome of an illness?

It depends on the illness. Some diseases can cause brain damage, which can result in mental illness. Others can cause physical and/or emotional trauma for the person who is ill, and the experience can result in mental illness.

What are some of the mental illness that can be cured?

Usually mental illness cant be cured completely. but can be helped. it depends on how bad it is and on the person

Can a person control their bodies with their mind and wish themself sick?

The word "control" might imply a bit much, but there is no question that mental attitude can lead to illness.

What is paranoid narcisssim?

Paranoid narcissism is a mental illness where a person thinks they are being persecuted by everyone. Their reaction is to act better than everyone else and be unpleasant most of the time.

How do you feed a person with mental illness?

Just like anyone else just be sensitive to the needs of the person, and realize that a rounded diet is important for anyone with mental illness or not.

Can people with a mental illness function in society?

Even though not everyone with a mental illness gets better, many people with mental illnesses are able to lead functioning, happy lives. It depends on the severity of the person's disorder, the support the person has, the treatment being utilized, and the person's individual characteristics.

Are there positions for people with mental illness?

Yes , plenty. Providing that you are mentally and emotionally stable a person with a mental illness can have any job they want.

How does mental disability affect a person's everyday life?

It impacts not only the person with the mental illness, but impacts the family's as well. For the person with the mental illness, it makes every single day a struggle. A struggle to live, to what they perceive, a normal life. But, for the family, it's an everyday struggle to help the person with the mental illness and is both a emotional and physical challenge.

What kind of doctor does a crazy person see?

A person with mental illness sees a psychiatrist.

Does a person with disorders bleeds easily?

If its a mental health disorder then no. A person may have a biological condition which means they do bleed easily and that may be linked to the mental illness, but the mental illness itself would not be a direct cause of the bleeding problem itself.

Mental illness one symptom is jealousy from everone if one person haves something or doing some thing with boyfriend or girlfriend?

Mental illness is defined as being unpredictable or erratic. A person which suffers from mental illness usually displays this when asked to answer a question or concentrate on something specific. This person would not be able to do this. Uncle Nate

What are the characteristics of a person with mental illness?

It depends on what kind of mental illness it is. Some people you can't even tell that something is wrong with them! So it depends on what they have, and how bad they have it.

Can a person with mental illness become a nurse?

Of COURSE they can! If they can't become a nurse because they have a mental illness, then that is prejudice against that person. They can be a nurse just like a person who has diabetes or cancer or depression or aids can, just the same. Just as long as the illness doesn't get in the way of the work.

What is pre-existing condition mental illness?

It means a person has a mental illness already prior to applying for insurance coverage. Pre-existing has to be "known". 4ligeguild

What kind of mental illness is when a person wants all her things are of the same color?

That could be a symptom of Asperger's syndrome. It is not a mental illness. You might want to seek an evaluation.

What is a person suffering with who acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when there is no illness present?

That is factitious disorder. They are suffering from a need of attention.

A definition of the mental illness?

A definition of mental illness , is the person thinks they are someone else, or someone else is talking to them, in their imagination. It is a illness working on the mind. And please note it is only another form of illness like B.P. and nothing to be shunned from.

What are the some key issues in relation to people with a mental illness?

A person with mental illness should always be treated with a lot of love and care. Patience and understanding are other qualities that will enable you to take care of such a person.

Can a spouse divorce if the other person has a mental disease?

Yes, she can. Having a mental illness is not a "get out of divorce free" card.

What is the focus of mental health treatment?

The focus of mental health treatment is on improving the quality of life and functioning of the person suffering from the mental illness.

Mental illness is it conscious or unconscious?

Mental illness is both conscious and unconscious. A person who is experiencing psychosis is typically living in an altered state of reality. A person with multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia is living in and out of a state of reality consciousness. But even a person living in a psychosis may not be aware of their illness. The symptoms are never as clear as physical illness.

Can a person with a mental illness be capable of living an emotionally healthy lifestyle?


What mental illness that has been cured?

Can't be cured but can be treated, the level of recovery depends on the person and the level of severity of the illness.

What are the lived experiences of people living with mentally ill?

Mental illness is such a large category that I have a difficult time answering your question. Is the mental illness under control with the use of drugs? Are there flareups that occur from time to time? Or is it that you live with a mentally deficient person and you are the caretaker. Please, address the details to Kpopp.

How do you understand mental illness?

hmm, study it. but it is complicated and varies from person to person. i belive no one understands mentall illness better the mentally ill themselves.