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Is there a menu of what you can eat on the Atkins diet?



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I just wanted to warn you that I saw a program on diets and the Atkins Diet is not a good diet. The reason it was once popular (way down on the list of good dieting at present day) is because it allows one to eat all the fat and meats they want. Many people who have to lose weight want to hear "you can eat anything you want" because it's less work for them to diet. It's harmful! Bad fats clog arteries! I would suggest the "South Beach Diet" or "Weight Watchers." I've always turned to Weight Watchers if I need to shed a few pounds and have always been successful. They teach you how to eat correctly and you basically can eat anything you want once you have completed the diet and the groups after being weighed in are great because people are in the same boat you are and we encourage each other and learn little tricks of how to eat or not to eat certain foods. The two diet programs I just gave you were rated as the two highest that were healthy and I suggest you stick to either one.