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Engineer. Their title in the company is probably something like "Marker design (manager, assistant)."

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How do I get a job designing grave markers?

Monument design courses are what you should look for. A background in art or graphic design would be a good start. Working for a funeral parlor would give you an opportunity to design for their clients. You can get a job designing grave markers at Another website is

Where is fashion designing job offered?

A fashion designing job is usually found in Paris, California, or sometimes found in Rhode Island! i hope i helped (:

What course you do after MCA which one is job oriented?

web designing.......

What is the role of a graphic designer?

As the name states, it's job is to create graphic images. This can vary from making clothing patterns to designing a website.

Where can i get a paintball job if I'm 14 years old in California?

Unless you do it for work experience, the minimum age for a job is 16, and they don't have to pay you minimum wage. Ask around the paintball shops around your location and ask if they will hire.

Can a person get job in automobile designing even if he or she is a student of instrumentation?


Do you have 2 do your degree for doing fashion designing......?

If you want a good job.

What is the difference between fashion designing and textile designing?

nothing much...i think textiles is including templates and other technology and designing is like a pen (pencil) paper kidda job..Fashion Design revolves around designing clothes. Textile desing is designing textiles and fabrics.

How much does a profesional paintball player make?

not much, usually they are not paid but do get all their gear for free. there are very few people who can put professional paintball player as a job title

Is it hard to become a pro paintball player?

Yes, playing any sport professionally is a large risk, especially with one as small as paintball. Most "pros" also have a second job.

A Job in PCB Designing?

printed circuit board printed circuit board

What is the salary of a pro paintball player?

Professional paintball players have no true salary. There are very few pro paintball players that don't need a second job to support themselves. They make most of their money from sponsorships and endorsements. edit: most work for there sponsor's.. and unless your ollie lang you wont make much money playing paintball.

What is a engineering job that starts with t?

One engineering job that starts with a T is a transportation engineer. This job entails designing roadways, street systems, and bridges.

What job in business can be freelance or seasonal?

Writing, Designing, Development, Internet Marketing etc.

What kind of job would gcse art and art textiles get you?

Fashion designing, architecture

Who can use the designer job title?

Anybody who considers that their primary task at work is designing.

I have done a course in fashion designing what should I do next?

Find a job in Fashion industry

What job opportunities and constraints do fashion designers have?

constraints when designing one garment for a client

How can caandidate apply knowledge got from school to the job?

web designing and social works

What kind of work is involved in the job of a landscape architect?

The kind of work that is involved in the job of a landscape architect is that of designing a landscape, garden or other outdoor space. They may design spaces for aesthetics, environmental concerns and landmarks to name a few.

Relationship between job discreption and job specification?

Job Description is What the job entails.Job Specification is An area of expertise.Example:Job Description: "Designing Offices in a manor to promote productivity"Job Specification: "Interior Designer-Office Efficiency"

Tim thomas's job in seven pounds?

his job is designing astronautical stuff....basically spaceships.....the story he tells her on the phone is actually true...

Who does a better job on the PowerPoint?

People who are more interactive with designing do a good job with Power Point. They make make the page creative by animations.

What are the main objectives in job design?

There are many main objectives that work together in job design. The person designing the job must consider what needs to be done and how it can efficiently be done.

What is the 5 traps in designing effective job advertisement?

Truthful, Relevant, Accurate, Positive and Short.

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