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I have found that Hawthorne berries helped remove the build-up of plaques. Also for long-term prevenention and maintenance alfalfa sprouts/leaves, etc. are supposed to help. I quit eating foods cooked in heated oils and stopped virtually all use of processed oils -- even organic cold-pressed -- Use oils sparingly. I read an article a few years back that said our grandmothers and their mothers used water to prepare and cook their foods. By adopting this method, my veins feel much healthier.

A natural compound called "A1-Milano" has been found to dissolve arterial plaque. It just isn't available except to the researchers, and even at that, the cost per dose is many thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, garlic has been reported to have some small benefit in reducing arterial plaque, it's just not very effective.

Diet and exercise are still the best course of action for most of us. Eliminate saturated fats, lower your cholesterol and exercise as your doctor suggested.

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Q: Is there a natural herb that will dissolve the plaque in arteries and veins?
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