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I have found that Hawthorne berries helped remove the build-up of plaques. Also for long-term prevenention and maintenance alfalfa sprouts/leaves, etc. are supposed to help. I quit eating foods cooked in heated oils and stopped virtually all use of processed oils -- even organic cold-pressed -- Use oils sparingly. I read an article a few years back that said our grandmothers and their mothers used water to prepare and cook their foods. By adopting this method, my veins feel much healthier.

A natural compound called "A1-Milano" has been found to dissolve arterial plaque. It just isn't available except to the researchers, and even at that, the cost per dose is many thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, garlic has been reported to have some small benefit in reducing arterial plaque, it's just not very effective.

Diet and exercise are still the best course of action for most of us. Eliminate saturated fats, lower your cholesterol and exercise as your doctor suggested.

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Does plaque cause cancer?

No, plaque causes clogged arteries and veins.

What hold back blood cells?

plaque in your veins. It causes blockage's in your veins and arteries.

Role of dietary fat in Atherosclerosis?

people with atherosclerosis have a build up of plaque and fat in their arteries and veins, this can cause imense pressure in arteries and can lead to an ulcer. Dietary fat is a contributing factor to the build up of plaque in the veins and arteries

What causes plaque to build up in the veins and arteries?

eating fatty foods and not exercising enough.

How does the arteries and veins in the heart become blocked?

Cholesterol and bacteria form plaque on the inside wall (called tunica intima) of veins and arteries. This can make the systemic pressure rise, affecting blood pressure.

How exercises decreases plaque in veins?

Veins do not build plaque

What are 2 differences between veins and arteries?

Veins are muscular, arteries are not. Veins are designed to collapse (when empty), arteries are not.

What arteries and veins serve the kidney?

the renal arteries and veins

What do arteries and veins drain?

Arteries drain (pump blood) into veins. Veins drain into your lungs and heart to be re-oxygenated. (This is not true for veins and arteries to and from your lungs.)

Which one is bigger arteries or veins?

Veins are bigger than arteries.

Can you distinguish coronary arteries and veins?

can you distinguish coronary arteries and veins

Are arteries thinner than veins?

No. Arteries are thicker than veins.

What material surrounds veins and arteries?

Cellulose is what surronds veins and arteries.

Compare and contrast veins and arteries?

Veins and arteries both transport blood. Veins transports blood back to the heart while arteries transports it away. Veins are also much larger then arteries.

What size are veins and arteries?

Veins are smaller than arteries because arteries need to withstand pressure. Capillaries are about half the size as veins.

What is the purpose of coronary arteries and veins?

The purpose of arteries and veins is that arteries pumps blood to the heart and the veins carry blood away from the heart.

Does veins or arteries have oxygen?

Technically, yes, all arteries and veins contain oxygen, since blood is in your arteries and veins, and blood has oxygen.

What is the difference about pulmonary arteries and veins?

arteries have oxygenated blood and veins have oxygenated blood

Can a cavity kill you?

Not really, Though the bacteria found in such cavities can affect your cardiovascular health (heart and arteries, veins), plaque buildup is also not good for you.

What system do the arteries and veins belong to?

Arteries and veins belong to the cardiovascular system.

What are the name of the main arteries and veins in the heart?

Coronary arteries and coronary veins.

Do veins and arteries contain valves?

Yes and no. Veins do contain valves, but arteries do not.

What does the capillaries do for the veins and arteries?

Carries the blood to the skin and back to the arteries and veins

What is a small tube that connects arteries to veins?

The capillaries connect arteries to veins.

What is the difference between muscle in veins and arteries?

Thee difference between muscle in veins and arteries is that muscles of arteries are thicker compared to those of veins.