Is there a new shot or nasal spray for migraine headaches?

The triptans that are available now have been available for some time now. It doesn't look like there is much interest from the pharmaceutical companies in making sure that every triptan that comes out also comes out with an injection, dissolving tablet, or nasal spray.

Keep in mind that just because you have tried one triptan medication does not mean you will respond the same to all of them. Many people respond better to one than another.

Imitrex: tablet, nasal spray, injection

Zomig: tablet, nasal spray, orally disintegrating tablet

Maxalt: tablet, orally disintegrating tablet

Axert: tablet

Relpax: tablet

Amerge: tablet

Frova: tablet

Treximet: tablet

Treximet is the newest of the bunch. It contains Imitrex along with the main ingredient in Aleve (which can help it last longer, reduce inflammation better). If you absolutely need to have your triptan as an injection, you may want to try taking Imitrex as an injection, and then once the nausea dies down - taking a couple Aleve (or prescription Naproxen).