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Is there a number ten of the bone book series?


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No, not yet. But there will be soon in 2010.

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If you are asking about the fantasy comic book series by Jeff Smith there are ten graphic novels out at this point and I believe the series has come to an end.

there are only 10 books in the series and number ten comes out August 31 2010

The Pendragon book is actually a series which has ten books to it.

I know there will be an eighth book because Horowitz has annnounced that it will be a ten book series.

No Ten out of Ten was the last book in the series The Princess Diaries. I think that is so unfair!! Meg Cabot should write a 11th book!!!!

The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series was written by Louise Rennison. It is a ten book series, the first book being Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging.

Yes, he appears later in the series (book ten: The Slippery Slope) and becomes close with Violet, but at the end of the book he is lost.

As i am not Meg Cabot, I have no idea why she personally chose to end the series at number ten. I guess ten is good number to finish on, and the books just naturally draw to a close. In my opinion, the ending of the tenth book makes it impossible for there ever to be an eleventh. It is a wonderful ending! :)

because each foot has 5 toes and 5 plus 5 is 10 so they use the heel bone

The tenth number is ten. The number ten is the tenth digit in the numbering system that is used in most of the world. This number is also the second place in a series of numbers beginning with the ones followed by the tens and hundreds.

If Harry Potter is, then in ten years, Percy Jackson series will be considered it as well.

There will be ten books, however, the ninth will be the last with Alex in it. The tenth book will be about Yassen and how he became an assassin.

"Only together can we fight the true enemy" is the message hidden in the six book cads of book ten in the 39 clue series.

Sara Shepard announced in December that she was writing more book for the pretty little liars series. I think there is only going to be two more number nine is called twisted and number ten is called ruthless. They have not yet been released. But the latest one out is called Wanted and is number eight...

You must arrange the bones on the trap door to spell out the number TEN. all capitals.

There are ten books, and the series is currently finished, but the idea isn't. The publishers are considering creating a book not in the series, but it will tell about other unknown parts told during the series.

She is the ten year old girl who loves the violin, the color purple, and her grandfather.

Either Endurance Point or Scorpia Rising. Anthony has not yet decided.

No, you never do (unless a number is someone's name, for example: if a boy in a book was named Ten, you'd write, "And then Ten went out." But only on such rare occasions) so it would be, "He was ten years old."


Typically, an American bank account number is a ten digit series of numbers that is unique to the customer.

Manfred Bloor - Hypnotist Charlie Bone - Picture Traveler Billy Raven - Communication with Animals Dorcas Loom - Bewitch Clothing They are all differant ages

twista. lazy bone or bizzy bone. no idea for more then that

Spell out the word "TEN"

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