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If the 17 year old has an accident, your claim could be denied. Your premiums cover the risks that the company knows (or should know) about, but not those you know but fail to disclose.

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Q: Is there a penalty in NJ for not having your 17 year old listed as an occasional driver while having a permit?
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When can a child be an occasional driver on a parent's auto policy?

Under the listed drivers portion of the policy.

Does it cost more to exclude driver?

Having a person on your car insurance listed as an excluded driver can actually save money rather than cost more. The excluded driver will need no coverage or liability when it comes to the vehicle they are listed for.

Does a teenage driver have to be listed as the primary driver of one of the vehicles on the policy to be covered?

No. If he is listed at all, then he is covered. If he IS the primary driver of a vehicle, then he should be listed as such.

What is a deferred driver in Massachusetts?

A deferred driver is a listed driver who has a policy elsewhere and therefore is not used in the rating of the policy from which they are listed as deferred.

Is it against the law to insure a car for someone els?

Maybe:All regular drivers must be listed on the policy.If a driver is more than an occasional driver ( 2 times per month Rule of thumb ) he or she is a regular driverIf the driver is listed on the Policy as a regular driver it is legal and OK.If you are trying to get around a DUI or something, the instant there is an accident, your cars fault or not, the police and the insurance company will figure it out.People have gone to Jail for this kind of Insurance Fraud.

Do you have to get car insurance as soon as you get your license or can you just drive your parent's cars without an insurance of your own?

You need insurance if you own a car. As long as you are living with your parents and driving a car titled to them (even if it is "your" car), you just need to make sure you are listed on their policy as primary driver of your car and an occasional driver of the other family cars. They might save a dollar by having you EXCLUDED from the family car, but then you would have no coverage if you were to drive it.

Does a newly licenced driver under the age of 18 have to be listed as a driver with the insurance company or are they covered automaticly under the parents' policy?

They must be listed.

Who was the first caltrain driver?

The Caltrain began operation in 1987, but the name of the first driver is not listed.

Does your auto insurance company have to cover your son's accident even if he's not listed as a household driver?

No he have to listed as a second third or household driver for being cover by insurance

Are you covered if your boyfriend crashes your car?

Is your boyfriend listed as a driver on your auto policy? Does he live with you? If you do not have him listed as a driver on your policy and he is a regular driver or if he resides with you he must be listed as a driver on your policy. This is a part of your policy terms. If you do not abide by the policy terms the company can deny the claim due to material misrepresentation. This means if you lie to them they don't have to pay the claim.

What is best tire size 1986 Chevy 1500?

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What is the right tire pressure?

The proper pressure for you vehicle's tires will be listed on the label on the driver side door jamb.The proper pressure for you vehicle's tires will be listed on the label on the driver side door jamb.

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