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Yes. There are peninsulas in California. One example is the San Francisco Peninsula (referred to as "The Peninsula" in the Bay Area).

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What major city in California is located on a peninsula?

San Francisco California is on a peninsula and is a major city.

Is California considered a peninsula?

No, but Baja California is.

Is California a peninsula?

There are two Californias: the US state of California (capital: Sacramento) and the Mexican state and peninsula known as Baja California.

What are some peninsula found in the world?

Florida. Italy. The Arabian Peninsula. Baha California peninsula.

What major city in California is located on peninsula?

San Francisco is on a peninsula.

What major city in California is located on the peninsula?

San Francisco is located on a peninsula.

Which of these isn't a peninsula baja or lower California Panama Yucatan?

Panama is not a peninsula.

What is the Mexican peninsula that the tropic of cancer passes through?

Baja California Peninsula

What are the two main peninsulas in Mexico?

yucatan peninsula and the baja california peninsula.

A city in California where it is on the peninsula?


Is the Baja of California a isthmus?

No. It is a peninsula.

What is the name of the peninsula is southeastern Mexico and what two bodies of what does it touch?

The Baja California peninsula. It touches the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California

What is the gulf between lower California and Mexico?

The Gulf of California separates the Baja California Peninsula from most of the rest of Mexico. Note that the peninsula is NOT part of the US state of California. It is part of Mexico.

Where is the California Peninsula?

California is not a peninsula. The "Baja California" which literally means "Lower California" is a long but slim peninsula on northwestern Mexico that stretches along 1,250 Kilometers (775 miles) from the San Diego-Tijuana border down to Cabo San Lucas, and is separated from mainland Mexico by the Gulf of California.

What is the baja peninsula also called?

Baja California (Lower California)

What names of the peninsula that extends south of the state of California?

Baja California

What type of landform is Baja California located on?

Baja California is a Peninsula

What do Mexicans call northwestern Mexico?

You mean the "large but thin finger" that protrudes from southern California? It is called the Baja California Peninsula (Spanish: Peninsula de Baja California).

What ocean borders Baja California?

The Pacific Ocean borders the Baja California Peninsula to the west. It also has shores on the Gulf of California, which lies between the peninsula and Mexico's mainland.

Is Baha California located in Mexico or the US?

The Baja California peninsula, is a peninsula in northwestern Mexico. Its land mass separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California. Hope this helped!

What major city in northern California that is built on a peninsula?

San Francisco is built on a peninsula.

Which is mostly a peninsula California Texas Florida Ohio?

The state that is mostly a peninsula is Florida.

What type of landform is Baja California?


Is peninsula of Lowe California part of Mexico?

Right. Two Mexican states conform such peninsula: Baja California (capital: Mexicali) and Baja California Sur (capital: La Paz). Some cities in such peninsula include Tijuana, Ensenada and Los Cabos.

What kind of landform is baja California?

A major dessert. Baja California is a peninsula.