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As far as I know there's no way of phoning for an answer, but you could try a general helpline if you are distressed. What really matters is whether YOU decide your friend is a "pathological liar" and whether you want to keep a friend who lies to you habitually, as a matter of course. In other words, you're being put through something hurtful and insulting. (I wouldn't worry about whether it's "pathological" or simply habitual). You need to take care of yourself. All the very best. Joncey

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Why does my friend give my little bother his phone number and not me my bother is nine but we are both 13?

His friend might not like you, or if he/she doesn't know you then they won't give you their phone number, there could be a lot of reasons of why his friend won't give you her/his phone number

How do you find out your mobile number?

You could try ringing a friend and ask them to tell you what your number is, as it will be logged on their phone.

How could you find Taylor Lautners phone number?

i have his number, i got it of my cousins friend that is cousins with taylro :)

What is SwimmingBird941 phone number?

It is not possible to get SwimmingBird941 phone number if you are not a her relative or friend.

Lost my cell phone and don't know number?

You might have to get a new number, there are a couple of ways to get your number. You could ask a friend that has you on your contacts what your number is, or your cell phone company might be able to figure it out using your address.

What is the phone number of the Friend Memorial Public Library in Brooklin?

The phone number of the Friend Memorial Public Library is: 207-359-2276.

What does it mean when a girl asks you to get her phone nunber from her friend?

When a girls asks you to get her phone number from her friend, it is likely to mean that she is giving you the runaround. Otherwise, she could simply give you her number herself. The exception to this is if she is rushing off somewhere, for example if a taxi is waiting on her after a night out.

What do you do when you don't have a friends phone number and you want to call them on a phone?

Use the phone book and look up the phone number. If its not there you can always ask another friend for the number.

What do you do if you forgot your phone number?

Just call a friend and then look on his phone for the last caller, voila ! Your number ;>

Where can my friend get the Jonas brother's phone number?


What is darius rucker cell phone number?

I know his daughters phone number, My boyfriends cousin is her best friend.

What is ozzys phone number?

It is 0800 1111 I know because I am Ozzy's friend!

What to do if you get your crush's phone number through a friend?

Text them "Hey, its ______, _(friend)_ gave me your number and this is mine! x " :) Hope this helps

What is the phone number of the Gilbert Public Library in Friend?

The phone number of the Gilbert Public Library is: 402-947-5081.

Where could one find the phone number for The Travel Franchise?

One could find the phone number for The Travel Franchise in several different places. One could find the phone number for The Travel Franchise by contacting the company by phone or email.

What is Aston Merrygold from JLS phone number?

He Does Not Give It Out! I Am His Friend

Why does your friend keep asking you to ask your crush if he wants her phone number?

From what I understand, your friend likes him.

How let your friend text you?

You have to give them your phone number so they know where to send the messages to and if your having trouble finding the icon that brings you to the message center for your phone they make manuals for every phone so you could refer to that.

How do you unblock your phone number?

You could unblock your phone number by calling your phone company and asking them to do it for you. You could also ask your phone company to guide you through the steps of the process yourself.

What is Jeff hardys official phone number?

u half to meet him and be his friend for his number

I forgot my phone number could I have yours?

If you forgot your phone number, there is no way you can borrow a friend's number; you will have to replace the number.

Why would a boy give you his home phone number if you know he has a cell phone?

His cell phone could be broken and/or he may be getting a new number. You could try hinting at asking him for his cell phone number and see how he reacts.

What is the phone number of the American Girl store in Atlanta?

There is only one phone number and the number is on the back of any American Girl catalouge.

How can I find Phone Number my friend in Stokholm?

try an online international phone book or white pages...

What if aboy say that he have a girl friend and he give his phone number to you?

maybe he's just trying to make his girlfriend jelous.or he likes you alot.or he could just like you as a friend if i was you i would tell his girlfriend!

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