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Yes, it's called hard work and exercise. Run, swim or dosome form of hard cardio for at least 452-3 days a week, do this circuit 3 days a week: step ups-20 each leg, 30 squats, walking lunge 20 per leg, 30 wide leg sumo squat, split squat 20 per leg, single leg squat, as many as you can. Repeat 3 times, use weights or water bottles if desired. Do yoga at least once a week. Eat a clean diet of mainly vegetables, lean meats, local fruits and NO processed, fast, or junk food or sugar. Now, that's how you get a bigger, more defined, sexy butt!

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Is there a pill for men that makes your butt bigger?

Sorry if there was a pill to make a butt bigger almost every woman would be walking around with a J LO butt. I guess you men will have to suffer with us women until someone invents it.

What pill makes your butt bigger?

There is not one that has actually been proven to work.

Does gymnastics give you a bigger butt?


What foods will give you a bigger butt?

Bread and potatoes.

Does eating a lot of bread give you a bigger butt?


What are the pills called that give syou a bigger butt?

Why do you want to know that?!?!

Does running up and down stairs help you get a bigger butt?

no that would burn any fat or calories that could go to your butt to make it bigger. if you want a bigger butt there are excercises that can strengthen the mucsle and give you a healthy looking one.

How do you get bigger thigh and bigger butt?

OK, so I also have the same problem, I want to get a bigger butt and bigger thighs. I have done research and I suggest squats and lunges . That's what everyone seems to say. Give it a try !

Do strawberries make your butt bigger?

No, strawberries do not make your butt bigger.

Does Oatmeal make your butt BIGGER?

It does,But Oatmeal makes your butt BIGGER.

Where can i find pills to make your butt bigger?

There are no pills to make your butt bigger. If you want you butt bigger, eat McDonald's.

What food can you eat to get a bigger butt?

why would you want to get your butt bigger? be happy with who you are :)

Does doggy style make your butt bigger?

No, it cannot and does not make your butt bigger.

Does the contraceptive implant make your butt bigger?

The contraceptive implant does not make your butt bigger.

Does spinach make your butt bigger?

No, spinach has no special ability to make your butt bigger. .

How do you get your butt to be bigger?

The 'Booty Wow' works to make your butt bigger, heard great things about it.

How do you make your butt bigger in a month?

Boggles my mind WHY anyone would want their 'butt' to be bigger

Can any pill make your butt grow?


How big is a 12 year old girl's butt?

It depends on the rest of the structure of the body. Bigger girl, bigger butt.

Does corn bread give you a bigger butt?

hell yeah, you best be loading up on dat cornbread

Does the pill keep your breast bigger?

An estrogen pill will make your breasts bigger as long as you keep taking the pill. If you stop taking the estrogen pill then your breasts will stop growing.

What can make your butt bigger?

squats or riding your bike for long periods of time can make your butt bigger

How does your butt get bigger?

your butt will get bigger if you eat loads of junk food with high amounts of fat and sugar in

Do hot dogs make your butt bigger?

Eating hot dogs would not make your butt bigger.

How do you get stretch marks on butt?

when u get bigger and your butt stretches out