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Is there a pill that will perform a DNC after a miscarriage?

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I am so sorry for your loss. There is a pill that will induce a miscarriage for a "missed abortion" or blighted ovum. The pill is called methotrexate and it makes your uterus contract and empty it's contents most times. An actual D&C procedure the doctor goes in and gently scrapes the lining of your uterus and pregnancy tissue out. You can choose either option, it is up to you and you should discuss with your doctor. Good luck.

2006-08-15 12:32:04
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Dnc prices after a miscarriage?

The price of a DNC after a miscarriage will depend on if the woman has insurance or not. The price would be reduced if the procedure is covered by insurance,

Do a women have to have a dnc after an early miscarriage?

Only if there are remains.

Can you have a miscarriage from the after pill?

You mean the morning after pill? No that does not cause miscarriage.

Can you have a miscarriage while on the pill?


When should you have a DNC?

If you seek abortion and is between 6-14 weeks or if you had a miscarriage and not everything came out.

Is there a medication that can cause miscarriages?

Although I am not sure if you mean intentional or unintentional miscarriage, I know that there is a pill that is an "abortion pill" that does, indeed, cause a miscarriage.

Why DNC operatian is done?

To clean the womb after a miscarriage or to have an abortion in a pregnancy between 6-14 weeks.

How long after a miscarriage do you get a dnc?

Well only if you are unable to naturally past the baby should you get a dnc done. Some women their bodies can rid themselves of the child while others need help.

What happens if after a miscarriage there was no DNC?

There is a risk there are remains left that can cause a infection so see a doctor to make sure.

What happens if you don't get a DNC after miscarriage?

Most people do not seek a D&C after a miscarriage but this can cause some problems. You could end up with an infection or be left with parts of the fetus in your body.

Getting pregnant after dnc?

The chance is the same as before the miscarriage. D&C does not make you sterile or makes it harder to get pregnant.

If im already pregnant will the morning after pill cause a miscarriage?


What pill can you take to cause a miscarriage?

None, it's a myth.

What is a dnc test?

A D&C test is performed on women when the uterus needs to be scraped. This could happen due to a miscarriage or an abortion.

What is better medication to abort a pregnancy or miscarriage or a DNC?

You can get a servcice scholarship by contacting the college you will be attending. Not all schools approve this scholarship.

Can birth control cause a miscarriage after one year of being entirely off the pill?

No. The pill are just hormones that control your cycle and if you haven't been on them a year they would have no direct cause for a miscarriage. Some thing other cause your miscarriage. See your doctor.

What are the chances of miscarriage if you take the pill while pregnant?

The longer you take the pill the higher the risk of damage to the baby.

Will taking the pill while pregnant cause a miscarriage?

no but it can cause birth defects to the baby. Miscarriage can not be enforced by a person's actions or by tablets taken unless they are obviously dangerous drugs. The pill won't cause miscarriage but bear in mind it MAY cause birth defects.

Can the morning after pill cause miscarriage on a 1 month old pregnancy?

No it can not.

How long do you have to get a dnc after misscarriage?

Not everyone needs a D&C afterwards but as soon as you suspect or know that you have a miscarriage see a doctor. Sometimes pills can do the trick.

What happens if a woman as a miscarriage and doesnt get a dnc?

The remains will start to decompose inside the uterus and it will lead to infections and blood poisoning, sterility and finally death.

How to perform a natural miscarriage?

A natural miscarriage is done by Mother Nature and you have no control over that. If you mean abortion you have to go to a clinic.

I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks but the doctor says i lost it sometme ago and they want me two return in two weeks to have a DNC do you think i should go sooner to have this done?

I was in the same situation. I had a DNC the next day after I found out my baby past away. But it is still safe to not have it done in a hurry. Your body fights the baby off. A DNC will just clean you out afterward.

Why is a dnc needed?

If you mean Dilation and Curettage, it is indicated to prevent excessive bleeding after a miscarriage. Many doctors recommend a D and C if the patient experiences heavy bleeding for several weeks after a miscarriage or if HCG levels decline too slowly.

Is it necessary to have an scan after a miscarriage?

Yes. The fetus may not be reabsorbed into your body and you would have to have a DNC (they remove the remains surgically). If you feel you have had a miscarriage, you should go to a doctor and get a pelvic exam including an ultrasound to check for other problems that could develop.