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Yes, there are several places to purchase windshield repair kits. Home Depot, Canadian Tire and Lowe's all sell these kits. Online the kits can be ordered from Amazon or

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Q: Is there a place I can buy windshield repair resin?
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Where to buy resin cement?

In a place that sells that.

How do you repair a broken windshield wiper assembly on a Ford ZX2?

buy a new one

Can windshield repair be done at home ?

You can buy windshield repair kits at popular hardware stores to do it yourself. As long as the crack is not too big you can do it yourself. It has already spread across the entire windshield, you should seek professional help.

How to Repair cracked auto tail light lens?

Go to either Plastex or Urethane Supply. They both sell a plastic repair resin product that can be used to repair automotive lenses. You can buy both red and amber colored resin "powder" to match your lens.

How do you repair broken windshield wiper linkage on a 1994 Chevy 1500?

buy a new one!

What are the options available for windshield repair with only a minor crack?

They have a formula out there that is like a molding that you can inject right into the crack and it will keep it from spreading. The only other thing you can do is buy a windshield.

Where can buy clear epoxy resin and hardner in srilanka?

where can buy clear epoxy resin hardner in srilanka

What is a Windscreen repair kit?

A windshield repair kit may consist of many different things depending on what type you get. Most of the products that you will buy will have the following a bottle of repair glue, repair device, curing strips, sleeve razor blade.

Where do you buy casting resin?

you can buy it from online shops if you type it you will get it

Where can you buy resin?

i buy mine at The Music Den. There is also a store called The Music Shoppe. You can buy resin in almost any music shop though.

Where do you buy Janvil glass repair kit?

Ebay is a great place to find Janvil

Where can I find new windshield wipers?

You can find new windshield wipers all around America. You can find them at Auto Smart and other places you buy equiptment for your cars. Another place to find windshield wipers are at Auto Zone and Walmart.

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