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Is there a place on the Internet where you can find out how and where to hook up all the vacuum lines on the engine correctly?


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2006-01-20 23:37:28
2006-01-20 23:37:28

if you go to they havve repair manuals with the vacuum lines you just pick your car and engine and check for the emmissons area


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check vacuum lines top passenger side rear of engine

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The 2002 Explorer has several vacuum lines. There are many lines in the engine compartment as well as under the dash.

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There are several vacuum lines on a 1993 Honda Accord. Each vacuum lines delivers air to different parts of the engine.

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Engine vacuum can be used to operate all kinds of devices in your car, from vacuum modulators in the transmission to the devices that open and close the doors for your cabin heating and cooling. Vacuum lines are the tubes that deliver the engine vacuum to those devices.

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