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Is there a possibility of studying medicine or other health care courses through distance learning?

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In this age of technology, colleges and universities have taken advantage of the opportunities particular to offering programs of study to a global population. While many institutions offer degrees that can be completed on line, there many that cannot. Many or most all programs within the medical, heath, or allied health areas, where clinical skills are required; the answer is no. Where there is a clinical portion; the individual must be present at the college or university he/she is enrolled, or at an affiliate institution that has an articulation with the home school. It is important when looking at online programs of study to recognize the difference between, ground courses (on campus attendance) Web enhanced courses( some classroom time, and some internet time), and online courses (totally through the web). So in essence, an individual may have the opportunity to take strictly lecture courses online, while clinical courses must be taken on campus. Viper1

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Does studying cardiology require studying medicine?

Yes, studying cardiology requires studying medicine.

What is a distance education doctoral?

A distance Education doctoral would be studying for and graduating with a PhD without setting foot in a classroom as distance learning is often done completely online.

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is studying away from the campus. Study can be online, by reading assignments, etc. Distance learning is where students work on their own at home or at the office and communicate with faculty and other students via e-mail, electronic forums, videoconferencing, chat rooms, bulletin boards,instant messaging and other forms of computer-based communication.

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Is it possible to earn a legitimate degree in business management through distance learning?

It's very possible to earn a degree in business management while studying distance learning. Many online degrees are available. You can earn a degree through distance learning with as little as six months. The most important thing to remember is that the school that you are enrolled into is nationally accrediated so you are getting a legitimate degree.

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What is the name of the final qualification when studying to be a vet?

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Can you change engineering college while studying?

You can, however there is always the possibility you may lose credits in transfer.