Is there a problem with an older man who normally loves sex but suddenly doesn't want it as much and tells you that he does love you but he doesn't have the desire he used to?

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2006-12-01 17:11:20

No, it's fairly normal for older men to have a low libido. It

could be medications they are taking, being diabetic, having had

heart problems or sometimes older men just can't have an erection.

It's nothing you did wrong and I would suggest perhaps you talk him

into getting a good physical to be sure there is no physical reason

he is like this. If he is on any medications please get the name of

them from him and look up the side effects on the Internet. Good

luck Well if desire stopped suddenly, then yes, there could be a

problem because you don't just stop wanting sex. If your routine

was everyday and now its once a week, somethings up. Ask him to be

honest with you so you don't waste time thinking who, what, where,

why and when. Sorry to say, but yes indeed when people get to 50 +

the usual sex life they have had in the past can wane and that's

medically proven. Women go through perimenopause and menopause and

they can take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and risk getting

breast cancer, strokes or blood clots (if taken for a long length

of time (more than a year.) So, often women will lose their urge to

have sex on a regular basis according to what they and their spouse

decided normal lovemaking was. Men also go through Andropause which

is similar to women's Menopause, but not with such severe symptoms.

There is a low percentage of women than can breeze through

menopause with having a few difficulties such as major night

sweats, then getting cold, irritable, cranky, depressed. As a

society we have been led to believe that unless we aren't having

sex, sex, sex (as if this last decade just invented it) then there

is something wrong with the person. In fact, that's further from

the truth. As a couple gets older they can often find other ways to

enjoy each other by having similar interests. It's not to say that

sex is completely lacking in the couples life, but it's not first

or foremost. ===ANOTHER ANSWER=== He REALLY needs to see his doctor

or a urologist. COULD be a medical problem or medication he is on.

He SHOULD see a doctor.

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